Now Accepting Workers’ Compensation Claims from Amazon Warehouse Employees Injured On-the-Job

According to official figures, Amazon—which operates dozens of warehouses around the country—had a serious injury rate of 7.7 per 100 employees in 2019.

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, USA, November 11, 2020 / — During a time when health and safety have become chief concerns worldwide, injury rates are on the rise at Amazon warehouses. As Amazon operates multiple fulfillment centers in Florida, this issue hits close to home for the workers’ compensation law firm

Recent data from the Center for Investigative Reporting, obtained by Reveal, confirms that on-the-job accidents at Amazon fulfillment centers occur at almost double the rate considered the industry standard. The situation seems to worsen during Amazon’s busy seasons, namely around Prime Day and the holidays.

Reports from 150 Amazon warehouses show that the company documented 14,000 injuries that were serious enough to keep workers home in 2019. Former employees have suggested that speed is the cause of these incidents. Concerningly, they have also claimed the number of injuries is significantly higher than what the company indicates.

Despite the numbers, Amazon appears to be doing everything it can to downplay the incidents. Not only has the company regularly declined to share its records with the public, but it has repeatedly insisted that it’s focused on creating a safe working environment for its warehouse staff. Employees have refuted these claims, however, arguing that the company isn’t being as transparent about its safety protocols as it should be.

Surprisingly, injuries appear to be higher at warehouses that leverage technology to automate production processes. Amazon has recently pushed automation as a means of securing a safer work environment, but the statistics suggest the opposite is true. Speaking anonymously on PBS, a former Amazon safety manager backed this claim, theorizing that warehouse workers can’t keep up with robots and that the speed discrepancy is at least partially responsible for the rise in injuries. dedicates itself to ensuring that local employees who have been injured on the job—at Amazon or elsewhere—receive the benefits they are legally entitled to. The firm’s team of Florida-based attorneys remains committed to providing these workers with legal guidance and assistance in filing workers’ compensation claims. This means standing with Florida-based employees who have received injuries in Amazon fulfillment centers.

The experienced injury attorneys at understand the toll that an on-the-job injury can have on an individual. They are also well-versed in the strategies businesses and insurance companies often use to avoid giving workers the compensation they deserve following such a difficult experience. The firm’s goal is to implement this knowledge to make workers’ legal battles and recoveries as stress-free as possible.

About offers free consultations to workers throughout Florida, and its legal services for workers’ compensation claims are paid on a contingency-fee basis. Clients don’t pay for these services unless the firm successfully secures a settlement on their behalf.

If you’ve been hurt while working for Amazon, wants to hear from you. To learn more about reviewing a worker’s comp claim with, please visit to schedule a consultation or call 954-324-COMP.


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