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10th-Grade Seattle Student ‘Schooled’ For Citing Simple Biological Facts

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The left-wing Seattle school district stood by a teacher who declared that a student was wrong for observing simple human biology, saying things such as only men can have penises.

According to The Daily Wire, on Wednesday, a 10th-grade teacher in an Ethnic Studies World History class at Chief Sealth International High School recently gave students a quiz about “understanding gender vs. sex.”

An unnamed boy in the class answered both of the following questions as “true”: “All men have penises,” and “only women can get pregnant.”

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His teacher marked both of his answers wrong. The Seattle Public Schools administration stood by the teacher.

“SPS remains committed to fostering inclusive environments that encourage the exploration of contemporary issues, particularly the examination of power systems such as racism and patriarchy. This dedication extends to providing a space for thoughtful exploration and dialogue on these issues,” the district said in a statement.

“I keep trying to wrap my head around how it is legal to teach inaccurate information and force students to answer against their beliefs or receive negative scores,” the student’s mother told conservative talk-radio host Jason Rantz, according to the Daily Wire.

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The mom, who described herself as a moderate liberal, said she is “proud of him because he refused to answer against his beliefs (which are medically and scientifically accurate, or at least used to be).”

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