2020 election results

2020 Election Results, Just The Math

With the current numbers and barring any lawsuits, President Trump needs all of the remaining States to grab the 270 in Electoral Votes needed for the reelection. With Biden currently at 264 Electoral Votes and 214 Electoral Votes going to Trump, here is what’s left.

An Update, the RNC and Trump Campaign won a Voter ID lawsuit in Pennsylvania. How this will change vote counts in PA is to be determined.

Up for grabs in electoral votes are:

  • Nevada 6 Electoral Votes
  • Alaska 3 Electoral Votes
  • Pennsylvania 20 Electoral Votes
  • North Carolina 15 Electoral Votes
  • Georgia 16 Electoral Votes

Arizona was called by the AP with 50% or 1,470,560 votes for Joe Biden and 48,1% or 1,402,431 votes for President Donald Trump. This race is subject to change as counting is still going on.

NEVADA 84% ReportingVote %Vote count
Joe Biden Democratic Party49.4%604,251
Donald Trump Republican Party48.5%592,813
ALASKA 50% ReportingVote %Vote count
Donald Trump Republican Party62.1%118,602
Joe Biden Democratic Party33.5%63,992
PENNSYLVANIA 98% ReportingVote %Vote count
Donald Trump Republican Party49.4%3,289,731
Joe Biden Democratic Party49.5%3,295,327
NORTH CAROLINA 94% ReportingVote %Vote count
Donald Trump Republican Party50.1%2,732,084
Joe Biden Democratic Party48.7%2,655,383
GEORGIA 99% Reporting Vote %Vote count
Donald Trump Republican Party49.4%2,448,491
Joe Biden Democratic Party49.4%2,449,588
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