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2020 Hernando County Primary Election Results, Updated

August 19, 2020

By: Staff Report

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. – The primary election results for Hernando County are in and are as follows:

U.S. House

District 11, GOP

 Webster, Daniel (Unopposed)  

District 11, Dem

 Cottrell, Dana (Unopposed)      

State House

District 34, GOP

 Massullo, Ralph (Unopposed)  

District 34, Dem

 Gosai, Dushyant (Unopposed)  

District 35, GOP

 Ingoglia, Blaise (Unopposed)    

District 35, Dem

 Laufenberg, Keith (Unopposed)


Al Nienhuis         26,516   67.51%

James K. Terry   12,760   32.49%

School Board

District 2

Charles Helm      14,804   39.48%

Linda K. Prescott              22,690   60.52%

Tax Exemption For New Or Expanding Businesses To Create New Full-Time Jobs

Vote Count         Percent

No          483         30.13%

Yes         1,120     69.87%

County Commissioner

District 1

Beth Narverud  9,251     45.14%

Joe Swilley          4,378     21.36%

Mark Johnson   5,261     25.67%

Nicholas W. Nicholson   1,606     7.84%

District 3

Burton Melaugh               11,607   31.27%

John Allocco       25,506   68.73%

District 5

Kevin Hohn         8,256     40.23%

Steve Champion               12,268   59.77%

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