Mark Alan Partain (GoFundMe)

A Community Mourns After 2-Year-Old Boy Fatally Attacked By Dogs In Alabama

Mark Alan Partain (GoFundMe)
Mark Alan Partain (GoFundMe)

After being attacked by his neighbor’s dogs, a 2-year-old boy in Alabama passed away, according to deputies.

Last Friday, the boy, Mark Alan Partain, suffered fatal injuries after being attacked by multiple dogs.

According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, three dogs are thought to have been involved and have been placed under quarantine.

Two of the dogs belonged to the boy’s neighbor, who told WAAY that they were huskies and German shepherd mixes.

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The dog’s owner, Ricky Clark, told WAAY that he heard Mark Alan’s father calling for help when the attack happened.

“He was laying on the ground there in front of the dog pen, and he wasn’t moving or nothing, and the gate was open,” Clark the outlet.

In a GoFundMe posted by Jessica Pugh for the boy’s family, she said, “Words can’t describe how broken-hearted and lost not only them but their other children and family are feeling right now.”

“This is a time where our small community can make a huge difference in a family’s life right now and I know all the love, support and prayers can help in big ways,” Pugh said.

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