New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city would be implementing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all private sector employers, he said during an interview on MSNBC Monday.

‘Advance Peace’ de Blasio To Pay Criminals $1,000 Monthly To Not Murder People

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has come up with a novel way to fight crime as the city deteriorates closer to chaos:

Pay crooks not to shoot people.

According to The Trace, the city will set aside $1 million for a program called Advance Peace, which is described as “a violence prevention program that uses financial incentives.”

Under the program, The Trace reports, “fellows, or young people deemed at-risk for being involved in gun crime,” will be paired with “formerly incarcerated mentors.”

With Advance Peace, the city would pay the fellows $1,000 a month as a stipend, with bonuses for meeting goals such as obtaining a driver’s license or passing the GED.

An advocate named K. Bain, who serves as the executive director of a violence prevention group in Queens called Community Capacity Development, said, “This is what we do, getting resources directly into the hands of those most impacted and affected by violence,” according to The Trace.

Advance Peace was founded in Richmond, California, 11 years ago, and since then has been taken up in only four cities, including Sacramento and Fort Worth. Still, proponents claim it works.

In Sacramento, for instance, gun homicides and assaults in 2018 had dropped 20 percent below the average of the previous four years.

The Trace reports that de Blasio will utilize only parts of the Advance Peace program. The city sees the program as a way to augment and “enhance the city’s already active violence prevention apparatus.”

That raises a point.

The Trace pointed out that murders in Gotham City hit a nine-year high last year. And as of Aug. 2, the number of murders in 2021 was slightly ahead of last year, an NYPD report shows.

Based on that, it seems the city’s “active violence prevention apparatus” is not working so well, and thus a novel approach may be necessary.

Some may argue that the violence might be stopped by spending more on cops.

But in the New York of Bill de Blasio, it makes more sense to pay the criminals not to shoot people.

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3 Replies to “‘Advance Peace’ de Blasio To Pay Criminals $1,000 Monthly To Not Murder People”

  1. Always the top dogs of every country in their little financial bubble love to sacrifice the honest poor souls. May a curse of a thousand body crabs be apon YOU


  3. I’m going to bet an entire bagle that less than $100K of this money is paid out to actual doctors and lawyers and engineers… and the other $900K gets put in the pockets of jews.

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