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“All Aboard! The Polky Express” Polk County Sheriff’s Christmas Greeting

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – Each year we give and receive holiday greeting cards to spread the Christmas Spirit and Holiday cheer.

Also each year, Polk County Sheriff’s Office sends out a ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting as no one else can. We received our Christmas card from Sheriff Grady Judd today. We haven’t stopped laughing and felt the need to share this with our readers. We all need a smile, a laugh, and some holiday cheer.

Polky Express
‘Grady Judd, The Polky Express’ 2020 Christmas Card

Sheriff Grady Judd said, “Every year we make a funny Christmas card. Now your not going to believe this, but it as true as the fact that Tampa Bay taste salty. A lady called me and was real mad that I humiliated prisoners to be on the Christmas Card. I tried to explain to her, they were friends from Polk County, but she just wouldn’t believe it. Now you know that was funny, no matter who you are,”

To get the full effect of this card, you have to know that the front of the card exclaims, “All Aboard!” and I can almost hear Tom Hanks bellowing that phrase in ‘The Polar Express’ animated film, only to open it and see Sheriff Judd smiling at his lineup with the trusty hound overlooking the rail.

We thank you Sheriff Judd and wish you and the men and woman of Polk County Sheriff’s Office a very Merry Christmas.

all aboardPolky Express 1
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