america is not a land of racists

America Is Not A Land Of Racists

September 4, 2020

by: Michael Reagan

american is not a land of racists

At least the media haven’t politicized the weather reports – yet.

Watching the next Category 4 hurricane hit Florida is about all I can stand to see on TV these days.

The news and cable talk shows are brutal – all-partisan-politics-all-the time.

Sports programs are almost as bad, thanks to their blind worship of the Black Lives Matter movement and its dangerous ideas.

The NBA coverage is the worst.

You almost feel like you have to swear your allegiance to BLM or confess to being a lifelong racist before every tip off – which is why the NBA’s TV ratings for this year’s playoffs are in the toilet.

The only sports I can stand to watch anymore are professional golf and bike racing.

Thank God the Tour de France started last weekend. All the announcers talked about was bike racing.

Not one time did they make me think that I was a racist.

It was a refreshing break from months of our mainstream liberal media pushing the line that America’s Blacks are victims of systemic white racism.

I know America has a shameful history of racist government policies and Jim Crow, the oppressive system of legalized segregation that racist Southern Democrats in Congress protected until the mid-1960s.

I know there are still racists in America. There will always be a small percentage of racists – of all colors.

But if you swallow the liberal media’s dishonest narrative, you’d think America was 90 percent white – and 100 percent racist.

For starters, let’s remember that only about 63 percent of us Americans are white. About 18 percent are Latinos, a little over 13 percent are Black and Asians are about 5 percent.

But if white people are so solidly and systematically racist, as the liberal media and Democrats imply, I have a handful of questions to ask.

– Did America elect Barack Obama president twice because it’s a racist country – or just half a racist country?
– Is Oprah the richest Black woman in America and beloved by millions of whites because America is racist?

– Did Kamal Harris find the only white guy in America who wasn’t racist and marry him? Did Don Lemon?

– Was the white couple who adopted Colin Kaepernick and sent him to the best schools the only non-racist white couple in America?

– Was my sister Maureen the only white woman in America who adopted a Black child from Africa?

– Are the thousands of white parents who adopt Black kids out of foster care racists?

– Are the white owners who pay multimillion salaries to Black NBA players racists?

– Are the millions of Americans who live and die with their favorite predominantly Black basketball team or favorite Black star athlete racists?

– I have a Latino daughter in law, two Latino granddaughters and niece from Uganda. Am I a racist?

– My wife’s ancestors were part of the underground railroad that helped runaway slaves get to freedom. Is she a racist?

I’m sorry, but because of these obvious examples and a hundred others I have a real hard time believing we live in a country crawling with racist white people.

The liberal media have been working overtime every day trying to make us believe America is racist, but our everyday reality proves them wrong.

More than Democrats, Republicans, BLM protestors or rioters, it is the media who are fomenting a race war.

They almost make it seem like white cops go out each morning looking to kill an innocent Black man.

The news media seize on rare police shootings like the ones in Minneapolis and Kenosha and simplify them, sensationalize them, play the race card, declare the victim completely innocent and blame the cops long before all the facts are known.

The media will never point this out, but in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Kenosha and cities across the country, Black people call the cops for help, too. Are they racists?

Copyright 2020 Michael Reagan. Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “Lessons My Father Taught Me: The Strength, Integrity, and Faith of Ronald Reagan.” He is the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter.
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