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American Library Association Intensifies Push To Radicalize Children

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CHICAGO, Ill.  – A goal to politically radicalize children and families has intensified through the American Library Association’s President, Emily Drabinski. She is a self-proclaimed Marxist lesbian who wants greater access to current and future voters by setting up libraries as political organizing stations.

At the September 2023 Socialism Conference in Chicago, Drabinski stated, “Libraries need to be sites of Socialist organizing.”

In the political sense, “organizing” means recruiting people to join in political or ideological struggle, which includes under Marxism violent, revolutionary activism. Parallel to the ALA, the American Psychological Association’s “SCRA Division 27” is promoting “community therapy” for entire urban and rural neighborhoods. Proposals to incorporate socialist activist training and “woke” organizing as part of the program have been pitched.

The ALA ambition reaches beyond politicized, sexually exploitive novels and autobiographies already accessible in K-12 school libraries which are taxpayer-funded facilities.

Such books, as reviewed by Tampa Free Press and Bruce Friedman, Florida President of “No Left Turn in Education” often rise to the level of pornography beginning in junior high. They involve bestiality, heterosexual penetration, sex with androids and robots, sex with multiple partners, rape, LGBTQ+ sexual acts and wife swapping, along with books graphically depicting self-harm and violence.

School library books are only rated for parents, students and librarians by matching the age of the main characters with the age of a reader.

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However, states and counties are beginning to push back in revived or novel ways against the Socialists’ radical agenda.

On August 24, Florida’s Citrus County booted the American Library Association out of all of its schools, according to the Citrus County Chronicle. In 2019, the conservative county booted the ALA’s New York Times subscription on grounds it was fake news.

The State of Texas just passed the nation’s first law – HB 900 – that requires book vendors to ensure they sell no sexually explicit books to school libraries without “sexually explicit material” labels. Other states may adopt the law. The ALA and its book review and book description services do not produce such warning labels, nor do most other similar organizations or book publishers.

Socialists justify these types of inactions by claiming violations of “free speech.” They retaliate by falsely accusing parents of “book banning,” rather than “book removal on behalf of age-inappropriate material.” All removed books remain for sale in other age markets.

Socialists also insist that traumatized children need to know they’re not alone as crime or abuse victims.

However, Harvard and MIT’s “edX” website for studies in social work emphasizes that for PTSD or otherwise traumatized victims, “Re-traumatization can happen to anyone who has experienced a traumatic event…even if it’s been years since the traumatic event occurred, symptoms can resurface…if the person is exposed to reminders of the original event.”

Friedman said Governor DeSantis’ new education laws are helpful with matters of process as books are evaluated by school-parent committees, but the guidance to apply Florida’s obscenity laws to the decision-making process is not really helpful. “We need a rubric or guidelines more specific, and I am concerned the obscenity threshold may not protect our young children enough.”

Friedman also said that despite his organization’s success in removing 200 K-12 sexually explicit or violent books, we are not adequately protecting the children. “We haven’t saved a single child,” he said.

Karlyn Borysenko, an industrial psychologist, independent investigative journalist and anti-Socialist activist focusing on the nation’s big picture culture war said, “Socialist book publishers with massive catalogs of books will replace every one book removed with two or three more.”

Borysenko added that, “People are so distracted by all the book issues that they don’t see the far more dangerous ecosystem of Socialism that is impacting our society.”

On the bright side, Friedman said a book vendor apparently scrambled to remove the committee’s previously rejected books from the new Spring Elementary School library catalog. The library just downloaded 8,000 books for $140,000, according to Friedman.

Tampa Free Press will continue reporting on this issue.

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