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America’s Top Diplomat Wants The UN To Investigate America For ‘Systemic Racism’

Dissidents from Hong Kong to Havana are taking to their streets to wave the American flag and sing the U.S. national anthem as signals of their desire for freedom and liberty.

And how does the Biden administration respond?

It invites the United Nations to investigate the United States for “systemic racism.”

After the UN echoed disgruntled radicals in America who complain about our system, even as they enjoy all of its fruits, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken issued a standing invitation for overprivileged international bureaucrats to survey human rights in the U.S. 

“As the president has repeatedly made clear, great nations such as ours do not hide from our shortcomings; they acknowledge them openly and strive to improve with transparency,” Blinken said a statement. “In so doing, we not only work to set the standard for national responses to these challenges, we also strengthen our democracy, and give new hope and motivation to human rights defenders across the globe.”

He added, “It is in this context that the United States intends to issue a formal, standing invitation to all U.N. experts who report and advise on thematic human rights issues.”

Given the hostility of the UN to the U.S. and Israel, how does anyone think that will turn out? reported that the first two bureaucrats Blinken has invited include the “special rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism” and the “special rapporteur on minority issues.”

One of them, Tendayi Achiume, of Zambia, lectured American lawmakers earlier this year that America had an obligation “to eliminate racial discrimination by making reparations for slavery,” reported.

Perhaps Achiume should ask his countrymen what they owe.

In 2004, the UN – the same UN that props up hucksters like Achiume – noted in a report that in Zambia between 1800 and 1850, “Slavery surpassed ivory and gold as the main export from the lower Zambezi region.” Achiume’s homeland did not officially ban slavery until the early 1900s when it was under British rule, and it did not ratify the 1926 Slavery Convention, an international treaty by the League of Nations that condemned and outlawed slavery, until 1973. also noted that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, the former president of Chile, presented the Human Rights Council a report on “systemic racism” in law enforcement that targets “Africans and people of African descent.”

Bachelet, according to, said countries that have profited from slavery and colonialism must make reparations. Perhaps she will start with her native land, which has its own history of enslaving Africans, and which, as recently as a media report in 2013, was “a source, transit, and destination hub for human trafficking victims,” who are the victims of “modern” slavery rooted in forced labor and sexual exploitation.

The Human Rights Council approved a resolution that called for “accountability and redress” for the legacy of the slave trade, noted.

“Responsible nations must not shrink from scrutiny of their human rights record; rather, they should acknowledge it with the intent to improve,” America’s top diplomat said in response.

“I urge all U.N. member states to join the United States in this effort, and confront the scourge of racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia. Because when all people – regardless of their race or ethnicity – are free to live up to their full potential, our collective security is strengthened.” noted the resolution was introduced by Cameroon, which is one of a dozen HRC members that the group Freedom House considers “not free.” The others include such beacons of liberty as Bahrain, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Gabon, Libya, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, and Venezuela.

In a supreme bit of gaslighting, according to, China’s delegate, representing a nation that has slaughtered perhaps 100 million of its own citizens since 1949, said during the discussion that nations that profited from the international slave trade – which ended in the U.S. more than 200 years ago – must “show the courage to assume responsibility for historical crimes,” according to

If Blinken really wanted the UN to see what the lack of human rights looks like, and where people actually look to find them, he should usher those delegates to the streets of Havana, where the Star and Stripes waves more proudly than it does in Manhattan, Hollywood, or Portland. 

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