Jeremiah Estel Blair (CPD)

Arizona Man Shoots Parents Because He Was Unhappy With His Childhood

Jeremiah Estel Blair (CPD)
Jeremiah Estel Blair (CPD)

A 19-year-old Arizona man is facing attempted murder charges after shooting his parents because he was unhappy with his upbringing.

According to court documents, Jeremiah Estel Blair’s motives stemmed from deep-seated resentment over his upbringing, which he felt had been less than ideal. Blair reportedly told investigators that he had been “upset over his upbringing” and believed he had not been “treated as he should have been as a child.”

In the early hours of May 13th, Chandler police received a 911 call from Blair’s mother, who reported that she and her husband had been shot by their adult son. Officers arrived at the scene to find Blair waiting unarmed in the driveway, having reportedly surrendered without incident.

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The victims, whose identities were redacted in the court documents, were rushed to the hospital in stable condition. One of them, however, required surgery due to the severity of their injuries.

During his interview with the police, Blair reportedly admitted to the shooting and provided chilling details about his motives and planning. According to the court documents, he had been “planning for years to kill [the victims]” and had initially intended to carry out the attack on Mother’s Day, but ultimately changed his mind and “set his plan in motion” just after midnight on May 13th.

Blair’s preparation for the attack was meticulous.

He allegedly placed a 9mm handgun and a video camera in the kitchen around 1 a.m., waiting for one of his parents to get up and get ready for work. The court papers state that he wanted to “record the incident,” further underscoring the premeditated nature of his actions.

As the father came downstairs, Blair reportedly told him that he “knew this day was coming” and then proceeded to shoot him.

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The young man then ran upstairs and shot his mother as she emerged from the bedroom. While Blair waited for the police to arrive, he expressed remorse that he “did not kill” one of his parents, but was “happy” that he believed he had killed the other.

Blair is currently facing two counts of attempted premeditated first-degree murder, a serious charge that carries significant legal consequences. A judge has set his bail at $750,000, reflecting the gravity of the accusations against him.

While the details of the victims’ identities and their specific injuries have been redacted from the court documents, it is known that both of Blair’s parents were hospitalized in stable condition following the shooting. Fortunately, neither required surgery, though the emotional trauma they have endured is undoubtedly immense.

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