On the same day that Rittenhouse was acquitted, a South Florida jury acquitted Coffee, a 27-year-old black man, of murder and attempted murder charges for shooting at cops.

As Rittenhouse Was Acquitted, Another Case In Florida Blew Up The Media Narrative

It seems no amount of facts or truth can undo a liberal narrative once it takes root.

Take ABC News, for example.

For days leading up to the not guilty verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder case, liberals repeatedly claimed that if Rittenhouse had been a black 17-year-old instead of a white teenager, he would have no chance at avoiding prison.

On ABC on Sunday, reporter Byron Pitts continued to spread this narrative.

On “This Week,” guest host Martha Raddatz noted that “in this trial, all involved in the case were white. Rittenhouse, the men who died, but this case intensified the debate over racial justice and the legal system itself.”

Pitts, who is black, eagerly concurred. He said that observation was “absolutely true.”

“And for many people, it’s not a debate, it’s a cold, hard reality. And in America, there’s one justice system if you are white and wealthy. There’s another if you are poor and a person of color,” Pitts added.

Pitts continued, “And so I think for most reasonable people, and most surveys would bear this out, the few reasonable people would believe that if a 17-year-old black boy with an AR-15 showed up in Kenosha, Wisconsin at night, killed two people and injured a third, then that black boy would have been treated the same way by police or by the legal justice system.”

Someone should introduce Pitts to A.J. Coffee IV.

On the same day that Rittenhouse was acquitted, a South Florida jury acquitted Coffee, a 27-year-old black man, of murder and attempted murder charges for shooting at cops.

According to local media, an Indian River County sheriff’s SWAT unit burst into Coffee’s home in the predawn hours in 2017. Authorities were looking for Coffee’s father, a suspected drug dealer.

Although they had arrested the elder Coffee, deputies still raided the home, breaking in through a window. Coffee testified that he was startled from his sleep and thought he was being robbed. Not knowing who was breaking in, he started shooting back in self-defense, and ultimately his girlfriend was killed in the crossfire.

Coffee was charged with felony murder – because his girlfriend died as he allegedly was committing a crime by firing at cops – and attempted murder for shooting at the SWAT unit. The cops blamed him for the young woman’s death because he shot back at them.

The deputies claimed they had announced they were law enforcement. Coffee did not dispute that, but claimed he did not hear them because he was asleep.

On Friday, the jury acquitted him on most counts. He was convicted of illegally possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.

Ironically, if liberals bothered to do their homework, they would realize that Coffee’s outcome was the same as what happened in one of their causes celebre.

In March 2020, Louisville police conducted an early morning raid at the home of Breonna Taylor, a black woman, looking for a drug dealer.

A shootout ensued and Taylor was killed. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, opened fire, and wounded one of the cops. Taylor was killed in the crossfire.

Walker was initially charged with attempted murder, but two months later, the charge was dropped. He, too, claimed he had fired in self-defense, not knowing who was coming through his door.

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