‘Beaten and Shot, Massacred’, Sheriff Grady Judd Needs the Publics Help

July 18, 2020

By: Staff Report

FROSTPROOF, Fla. –  Polk County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a triple homicide today after 3 young men went fishing at Lake Streety near US 27.

polk county sheriff
Photo Courtesy of PCSO

Sheriff Grady Judd said, “Three very close friends, who were coming fishing last night, all three of them are dead. They’re murdered. Worse than murdered. They were massacred.”

“These folks appear to be beaten and shot,” Judd said. “Do you hear me? Beaten and shot.”

“One or more murderers that killed three people in a little country community,” Judd said. “A very safe, very quiet community. Murdered them while they were on their way to go catfishing last night.”

The Sheriff released the names and ages of the victims with the families permission;

Brandon Rollins- 27

Damion Tillman-23

Kevin Springfield-30

Sheriff Judd said, “I was told that all three had been best buddies for years.”

Brandon Rollins was able to call his father and for help. His father who was home in bed asleep, heard the call from his son and knew where they were fishing.

Sheriff Judd said of Brandon’s father, “He jumped up got dressed drove here immediately, he’s about 10 minutes away in the Frostproof community. When he arrived he saw this horrific scene of where all these young men had been shot up.”

“In Brandon’s father’s excitement to run to and help his son, he forgot his cell phone at home. So now he’s out in the middle of nowhere, without any communications. So he hopped back in his vehicle and went to Sunray which is on Highway 27 ran into the convenience store.”

“A 17-year-old young lady who’s the daughter of the convenience store owner jumps in the vehicle with Brandon’s father and they come back to the scene. What the murderer didn’t count on, is Brandon had the opportunity to talk to his dad before he died,” said Sheriff Judd.

map 1
Lake Streety Road

Sheriff Judd said, “I’ve been to a lot of murder scenes, but this is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.”

“The victims, their parents and families deserve for us to solve this sooner than later. This is a horrific scene,” said Judd.

Polk County Sheriff’s office is offering an immediate reward of $5,000 in this case, and say you don’t have to get involved. Call Crime Stoppers at 1- 800-236- 8477

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