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Biden Has Now Overseen a Quarter of All U.S. COVID Death, But Still Blames Trump

Here’s a little-known COVID-19 fact: In just one month President Joe “I’m going to shut down the virus” Biden has overseen a quarter of all coronavirus deaths.

And yet, according to the Biden administration, it’s still former President Donald Trump’s fault.

On Monday, as Biden was set to commemorate the death toll creeping past 500,000, White House spokeswoman Jen “Circle Back” Psaki said, “You can always look back and say, ‘We wish we would have done this better, we wish the storm wouldn’t have come. But our focus is on building out of the hole that we inherited.”

The Biden team has been playing this tune for a month now, and undoubtedly the White House, and its media allies will ride the “It’s Trump’s fault” train until it runs out of track.

One thing is clear, though: They all have the same sheet of music.

In a recent interview with Axios, Vice President Kamala Harris repeated the lie that the Biden administration was “starting from scratch on vaccine distribution because Trump had no plan.

In fact, it was the Trump administration that literally started from scratch and within five weeks, by the day Biden and Harris took office, had administered 21.2 million vaccines, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine dashboard.

The CDC notes that on inauguration day alone, just shy of 1.5 million Americans got vaccinated.

Even left-wing Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler gave Harris two Pinocchios. “Biden administration officials may be proud of what they have accomplished, but they shouldn’t suggest that nothing was in place when they walked in the door. They have built on an existing structure left behind by the Trump team,” Kessler wrote.

Then, also last week, Biden said in comments at a Pfizer factory, “My predecessor, as my mother would say, God love him, failed to order enough vaccines, failed to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, failed to set up vaccine centers. That changed the moment we took office.” This, too, was a lie.

Again, the number of doses administered has tripled since Jan. 20, but some, if not most of that, may have been the natural momentum of the Trump plan.

Let’s revisit Jan. 27.

That day, U.S. News & World Report noted Biden “announced plans to purchase 200 million more vaccine doses from Moderna and Pfizer, raising the total U.S. vaccine order to 600 million.”

In other words, Biden after one week already had 400 million doses in hand or on the way because of the Trump administration.

Dr. Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, said in a recent interview with Axios, “The fact that we in December had not one but two vaccines that had gone through trials of at least 30,000 participants and had been judged safe and effective by a very rigorous and very public FDA process – it’s just breathtaking that that got done in 11 months from when we first knew about this virus. It’s at least five years faster than it’s ever been done before.”

Meanwhile, when Trump left office, 396,837 Americans had died from COVID, according to The Atlantic’s COVID Tracking Project. Now, Johns Hopkins University pegs the number at 500,236.

That’s an increase in the death count of 26 percent in just one month – a time when Biden could have pushed any anti-virus measure through the Democratic-led Congress. Yet the media remain silent on whose fault that is.

In a surprise admission, the Associated Press, in a story on Biden’s somber reflection on Monday of crossing the 500,000 dead threshold, pointed out that Biden “has deliberately set expectations low — particularly on vaccinations and when the nation can return to normal — knowing he could land a political win by exceeding them.”

When Trump was in office, he was accused of playing politics with people’s lives. Biden does so in the open, and we get crickets. How many more will die before he can spike the ball?

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  1. There’s not much that we can do now. We left the back door open and the Democrats came in and stole our country. So, what can we do, we can either lay there and let them continue to let them walk on us. Or we can stand up and fight, and take our country back. Just takes one to show us the way.

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