The Biden administration asked a federal court this week to uphold its ban on new federal oil and gas leasing, according to Department of Justice (DOJ) court filings.

Biden’s Top Economic Advisers Have Nearly Zero Experience In The Business World, And Its Shows

Democrats have long been considered the party of government. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity or CUP, a new economic think tank founded by a group of conservative economists, now has the receipts to prove it.

Democrats have long been considered the party of government. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity or CUP, a new economic think tank founded by a group of conservative economists, now has the receipts to prove it.

The group did background research on 68 top appointees by President Joe Biden who deal primarily with economic policy, regulation, commerce, energy, and finance. The list included Biden himself.

It found that 62 percent of that group “have virtually no business experience.”

As the report noted, only about 12 percent have “extensive business experience.” On the other hand, all totaled, the group has 161 years of experience in the private sector.

That averages to just about 30 months – for their careers. The median figure is worse. It amounts to nearly zero.

“The vast majority of the Biden economic/commerce team members are professional politicians, lawyers, community organizers, lobbyists, or government employees,” the CUP report notes.

In contrast, the Trump administration averaged 13 years apiece in the business world, with a median figure of eight.

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“Americans are deeply divided on the Biden administration’s progressive economic policy priorities: the focus on redistribution of income, higher tax rates on the rich, more social welfare programs, pro-union policies, a heavier hand of regulation of business, government-directed investment, and climate change remedies aimed at a dramatic altering of America’s energy mix,” the CUP report notes.

“But putting ideology and partisan leanings aside, a new concern of voters has emerged: Do the top decision-makers in Congress and the Biden administration have the basic skill sets and business/management experience and acumen to oversee a $6 trillion federal government and to regulate our multi-trillion dollar industries?”

The short answer is no.

The CUP outlines the economic problems that have arisen since Biden took over:
● Rising inflation rates
● The southern border out of control
● Higher energy prices and shortages
● The threat of new COVID restrictions
● Supply-chain disruptions
● A low labor force participation rate at a time when large and small businesses desperately need workers
● A rapidly rising federal debt burden
● A stock market rout that has depleted family savings and retirement accounts.

In its conclusion, the CUP notes:

“Surely we want our political class to have a diversity of backgrounds. We want lawyers, grassroots activists, those with political and policy experience, scientists, health experts, and academics with required specialties,” the report states.

“But we also want people who have experience running large operations with hundreds and thousands of employees and who understand logistics. We want people who know how to cut costs, manage logistics, increase productivity, meet payroll, and make a profit (or in the case of the government, avoid large losses). We need people at the top rungs of government who have experience dealing with large-scale crises (as we experienced during COVID), and also at least some familiarity with the everyday struggles that businesses have with the government.”

“The Biden administration has made ‘diversity’ a major goal of its administration. But the one area that is sorely missing in this diversity goal is in attracting talented and experienced men and women from the field of small business, commerce, and finance,” the CUP survey continued.

“When it comes to the government: Ignorance is not bliss. These skills are sorely lacking in the Biden administration. The cascade of policy and management mistakes that are piling up in the Biden government are at least in part a consequence of this lack of basic skills and competency.”

“Biden,” the group recommended, “should fix the problem by replacing those chosen for their ideology, not the skills and talents our government needs and taxpayers rightly demand.”

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