Brooksville Florida Halloween Trump and Treat

Brooksville Square “Trump and Treat” Scheduled for Oct 30th

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. – Making plans for Halloween? One Hernando County group has planned a ‘Trump and Treat’ in Brooksville, FL.

Organizers posted on the Facebook Event page, “Decorate your cars and trucks with your favorite pro-Trump gear. Bring candy and treats for the kids. Dress your kids up in their Halloween costumes and let them go car to car collecting treats. Meet other Trump supporters and help keep America and Halloween great!”

The event is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. on Friday October 30th and last until 8 p.m.

In a statement to The Free Press, April Johnson said, “Myself and a few fellow women friends and Trump supporters think it is important for people to understand that the democrats don’t own the women vote. I am a single mother of 3 and have been a conservative all my life. I share my views with my children and think I am not unique in this.”

“I support our president’s policies and how they have impacted my life. Many women feel the same and it is important for women to mobilize in support of how he has impacted this country for the betterment of every citizen regardless of race or gender. You may not like his approach but his policy and love for this entire country speak for itself. We had past presidents who were very politically correct but did us dirty behind our backs. We have to stop letting the Democrats divide us and put us into these social boxes. This event is about sharing a Halloween tradition with like-minded people. If someone doesn’t like it then this great country gives them the freedom to not attend,” Johnson concluded.

A video was created and posted to YouTube for these Halloween festivities.

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