Riddhi Patel (Bakersfield)

California Pro-Palestinian Speaker Says ‘Jesus Probably Would Have Killed You Himself’

Riddhi Patel (Bakersfield)
Riddhi Patel (Bakersfield)
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A pro-Palestinian speaker demanded the Bakersfield City Council pass a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza in an unhinged rant that included death threats to officials during a Wednesday meeting.

Police arrested Riddhi Patel after the rant in which she threatened members of the Bakersfield City Council, charging her with threatening state officials and making terroristic threats in the latest in a series of disruptions of city council meetings, KGET.com reported.

During her remarks, Patel expressed a desire to see a guillotine used on the city council members in a video that surfaced Friday on the Libs of TikTok’s X account.

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“You guys are all horrible human beings and Jesus probably would have killed you himself,” Patel said during her remarks. “The thing is, though, it’s very clear to me as someone who has been organizing for the past couple of years, that none of you care, you guys don’t care, about anything happening in Palestine or any other country where oppression occurs because you don’t care about the oppression occurring here.”

Israel began military operations after the radical Islamic terrorist group Hamas took more than 200 hostages during a deadly terrorist attack on multiple locations in southern Israel on Oct. 7, that killed over 1,200 people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel’s response would “echo for generations.”

“The thing is, 2,300 people being evicted in the last year, those are votes,” Patel added. “And you guys, those are votes to win in Bakersfield. And while you guys parade Ghandi around, there’s a Hindu holiday… that starts off this week, and I remind you these holidays that we practice, that other people in the global South practice, believe in violent revolution against their oppressors, and I hope one day someone brings a guillotine and kills all of you motherfuckers.”

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Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago cast the tiebreaking vote in favor of a ceasefire resolution in his city on Jan. 31. Demonstrations since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack by Hamas against multiple locations in southern Israel have had protesters make statements like “resistance is justified” while attendees of other protests chanted a slogan that has connotations of wiping out Israel.

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan called on voters in the Democratic primary to vote for an uncommitted slate of delegates in protest of Biden’s support for Israel Feb. 18. The protest vote garnered significant support in MichiganWashington and several Super Tuesday states.

“The comments of Riddhi Patel were shocking,” pro-Palestinian protester Maria Quinonez told KGET. “They in no way represent those of us who continue to come to city council to demand a ceasefire and an end to the genocide.”

Patel is being held on $1 million bail, KGET reported.

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