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Canceled: Fenix Ammunition Says No Biden Voters Wanted

As the victims of left-wing cancel culture pile up, one company seeks to turn the tables from the right.

Fenix Ammunition, a Michigan company that makes firearms ammo, recently implemented a new program to ensure only the right people buy their goods.

According to The Blaze, “As a way to weed out the unwanted customers, the company reportedly inserted a questionnaire into its purchasing process that asks whether prospective customers voted for (Joe) Biden in the 2020 presidential election.”

“If they did, it’s no sale for them.”

In a long Twitter thread, Fenix explained its policy.

“We’ve had a few potential customers call this morning to ask why they have to check a box stating they did not vote for Joe Biden in order to purchase our ammunition,” it began.

“First question – are we serious? Yes, we are serious. Joe Biden ran on a campaign built on the most radical gun control platform a major party candidate has ever had, including banning the online sale of ammunition. Essentially, a plan to bankrupt our company,” the company said.

“Second question – couldn’t I have voted for him for other reasons? Sure, that’s possible, but if you did, you should immediately sell any firearms you own out of solidarity,” it noted next.

“Third question – are you really willing to walk away from a paying customer simply because they voted for Joe Biden? Yes, yes we are. We’re dead serious,” Fenix continued.

Fenix added, “We don’t want your money, and you shouldn’t want us to have it because we’re going to use it to make more ammo, sell it to the citizenry, and do everything in our power to prevent Joe Biden’s administration from usurping the rights of Americans.”

“We have no problem talking to Biden voters and educating them on what they did, but they have to be willing to acknowledge their ignorance at the very least. We’re not going to sit here and debate with you. We’re a 2A company and these are our first principles.”

Fenix is not the first to react this way, though.

The Blaze pointed out that on Inauguration Day, a Missouri gun seller, Trigger Firearms and Reloading, posted on Facebook, “We don’t have guns or ammo for Biden supporters. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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  1. Isn’t that illegal?
    Private business who sales to the public can’t discriminate.
    I would not patronize but give me a break. Here one for him maybe is radical philosophy should preclude him for the free marketplace

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