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Canceled: Twitter Bans The Captain Of ‘Team Reality’ For Daring To Question The Effectiveness Of Vaccines

In another demonstration of social media just being an extension of the Biden administration, Twitter has permanently banned journalist Alex Berenson for questioning the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

Berenson, a former science reporter for The New York Times, has been a regular critic of COVID policies on social media, often highlighting outside studies or even the government’s own information to refute its claims about the virus. In some instances, he referred to debates over COVID policies as pitting “Team Pandemic” against “Team Reality.”

In the tweet that got him banned, Berenson wrote, “It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine. Think of it — at best — as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS. And we want to mandate it? Insanity.”

Twitter on Saturday declared that tweet “misleading” and announced that it had banned Berenson for “repeated violations” of its policies about pushing wrong information.

Berenson maintains his tweet was “entirely accurate.”

And the reaction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports his claim that the vaccines’ effectiveness is an open question.

For example, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other federal health authorities reversed the course on masks and have said that fully vaccinated people should wear masks to stop spread to the unvaccinated – showing they can both be infected and transmit the disease. More recently, Fauci has now suggested that booster shots may be required as early as five months after being considered fully vaccinated.  

The website last week highlighted recent reports that indicated concerns about the vaccines.

In one report, Bloomberg News noted, “Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. But exactly how often isn’t clear, nor is it certain how likely they are to spread the virus to others. Though it is evident vaccination still provides powerful protection against the virus, there’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought.”

Bloomberg also noted, “Research out of Israel seems to back the idea that protection from severe disease wanes in the months after inoculation, and more recently, that breakthrough cases may eventually lead to an uptick in hospitalizations.” also highlighted a BBC report that argued natural immunity was now being viewed in some circles as a better defense than the vaccine. That article reported, in part, “You get a broader immune response after being infected with the virus than vaccination.”

Meanwhile, the CDC reports that as of Aug. 23, more than 11,000 vaccinated people have died or been hospitalized because of COVID. In a separate report, the CDC notes that nearly 7,000 people have died after receiving a vaccine, although the agency qualifies that by saying their death may have been attributable to something besides the vaccine or COVID-19.  

Berenson is refusing to quit, and is now forced to utilize his platform to get his message out. On Sunday, he posted an Israeli study that showed vaccinated people were 13 times as likely to be infected as people with immunity from prior infection.

“We have reached a dangerous moment. Social media companies that have audiences which dwarf any other are now actively censoring reporters at the behest of governments,” Berenson told the New York Post in response to his ban.

“I will continue to fight to get out the truth and am considering all legal options.”

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  1. What has haapened to our Constitutional right – arrival 1,;Free Speech? Twitter takes charge!

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