COVID Primary Deaths CDC Report

CDC Says 6% of U.S Deaths From COVID-19 Were COVID Only Deaths

August 30, 2020

By: Staff Report

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – The CDC has released a report stating that 94% of COVID-19 related deaths have had underlying medical conditions, with 6% or 9,628 deaths in the United States, having only COVID-19 listed on their death certificate and no underlying medical conditions.

The data listed is below or you can click here to view the full report.

Table 3. Conditions contributing to deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), by age group, United States. Week ending 2/1/2020 to 8/22/2020.*

Updated August 26, 2020

Number of Conditions
 Age Group
Conditions Contributing to Deaths where COVID-19 was listed on the death certificate1ICD–10 codesAll ages0–24 years25–34 years35–44 years45–54 years55–64 years65–74 years75–84 years85 years and over
Total COVID-19 deaths2, as of 8/22/2020U071161,3923301,2413,2288,50120,29534,33442,58750,867
Respiratory diseases
Influenza and pneumoniaJ09–J1868,0041115641,4283,9679,43815,38918,11618,989
Chronic lower respiratory diseasesJ40–J4713,78024591394031,4863,2624,3354,071
Adult respiratory distress syndromeJ8021,899592316121,7953,7775,7575,3174,349
Respiratory failureJ9654,803994011,0162,9817,20812,60115,10015,394
Respiratory arrestR09.23,282621641603626678911,111
Other diseases of the respiratory systemJ00–J06, J20–J39, J60–J70, J81–J86, J90–J95, J97–J99, U045,66418451132877081,1931,5311,769
Circulatory diseases
Hypertensive diseasesI10–I1535,27214984471,5294,2377,7019,67911,566
Ischemic heart diseaseI20–I2518,103222904201,6563,6955,4616,755
Cardiac arrestI4620,210461864701,3242,9234,5605,0805,620
Cardiac arrhythmiaI44, I45, I47–I499,812922582217091,7482,8734,172
Heart failureI5010,562440822728871,8092,9134,555
Cerebrovascular diseasesI60–I697,653723802698711,7042,2372,461
Other diseases of the circulatory systemI00–I09, I26–I43, I51, I52, I70–I998,74339982095041,1291,9282,1572,679
Malignant neoplasmsC00–C977,4152431902771,0061,9322,2501,805
Alzheimer diseaseG305,6080002503721,6273,557
Vascular and unspecified dementiaF01, F0318,497002202831,7135,40911,070
Renal failureN17–N1913,693141102879092,0013,4773,5973,296
Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other adverse eventsS00–T98, V01–X59, X60–X84, X85–Y09, Y10–Y36, Y40–Y89, U01–U035,133361241763026091,0031,2201,661
All other conditions and causes (residual)A00–A39, A42–B99, D00–E07, E15–E64, E70–E90, F00, F02, F04–G26, G31–H95, K00–K93, L00–M99, N00–N16, N20–N99, O00–O99, P00–P96, Q00–Q99, R00–R08, R09.0, R09.1, R09.3, R09.8, R10–R9977,9902517001,552

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