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Chicago Democrat Rips VP Kamala Harris Over Crime, Migrants ‘This Is Not A Laughing Matter’

A Democratic alderman from Chicago ripped Vice President Kamala Harris Friday for laughing during a “gun safety” event in the city, citing crime and the border crisis.

Harris was in Chicago to attend a “gun safety” conference the day the Illinois Supreme Court upheld a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms, CBS Chicago reported.

Smith aired a clip of Harris laughing during the conference.

“This is not a laughing matter, and I don’t find it funny one bit, having had to comfort families who have been torn apart by gun violence, gang violence, the word no Democrat ever seems to want to say out loud, and the drug-fueled violence,” Democratic Alderman Raymond Lopez of Chicago told “America Reports” co-host Sandra Smith.

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“She’s touting Democrat success in the state of Illinois, city of Chicago. Well look at the success we’ve had: Crime is out of control, immigration is now at our feet because of the border crisis which she has ignored for the past two years since she was named the border czar, and here we are trying to address this in a way that makes sense for our future,” Lopez continued.

President Joe Biden appointed Harris as “border czar” in March 2021. Almost 1.79 million illegal immigrants have been encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border during fiscal year 2023, according to data released by United States Customs and Border Protection, following 2,378,944 encounters in fiscal year 2022 and 1,734,686 in fiscal year 2021, while Fox News reported another 600,000 migrants evaded CBP in fiscal year 2022.

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“I … actually extended an invitation to the vice president on Twitter to come and join me at any one of the shelters housing the migrant asylum seekers in the city of Chicago,” Lopez told Smith. “We have spent $163 million in the first six months alone because the federal government has completely failed, not only Chicago but the entire United States in addressing this issue. No answer from the vice president.”

“We have 1,000 people living in police stations, 5,000 people living in temporary shelters across the city, including Woodlawn, where I was at that meeting, where individuals are complaining because these individuals are not only taking over vacant spaces but they’re taking over public spaces,” Lopez continued. “They’re taking over blocks, loud music, selling drugs, engaging in prostitution, recruited by gang members, all of which has been documented by our mayor and his team with no solution, and that is simply unsustainable and unfortunate for communities that did not ask for this.”

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