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Climate Change? Someone Forgot To Tell Asia, Where A Handful Of Countries Plan To Build 600 New Coal Plants

As vice president, Joe Biden watched the U.S. government wage war on the coal industry. After their eight years in charge, Biden and President Barack Obama left America with 83,000 fewer coal jobs and 400 mines shuttered.

As president, Biden continued the assault. He announced a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and pledged the nation would be living off 100 percent “clean” power by just five years later.

E&E News, a news service for energy and environmental issues, noted in April, “Coal will have to disappear if Biden hopes to meet his 2030 goal.”

But as Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, of West Virginia, one of America’s leading coal-producing states, reminded people last month at the Edison Electric Institute conference, the term “global” warming refers to the entire globe. “Some of our environmental friends,” Manchin said, “they make it believe we are polluting the whole climate.”

What’s become utterly clear, however, is that as Biden moves to yank America back to the pre-industrial age with his “green” energy program, someone in the administration forgot to tell the Asians.

The left-wing website reported last week that five Asian countries – China, India, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam – have plans to build 80 percent of the world’s proposed coal plants in coming decades.

In terms of raw numbers, that means more than 620 new coal-fired plants among the five of them.

These countries, by the way, already burn 75 percent of the world’s coal – and obviously show no signs of slowing down.

China plans to build more than half of these plants, 368, even though President Xi Jinping has told the world his country will be “carbon neutral” in 40 years, the Agence France-Presse reported.

Indonesia will build 107; India, 92; Vietnam, 41; and Japan, 14.

The AFP noted that those nations are moving ahead even though, as one analyst put it, “Coal no longer makes sense, financially or environmentally.”

Maybe they simply don’t care – especially if their goal is to improve their individual economies for their people.

As Carbon Tracker noted in its report, those five countries are “ignoring calls from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for all new coal plants to be canceled.” 

Not only that, “The projects are being pursued despite the availability of cheaper renewables, and they threaten efforts to meet the Paris climate deal goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius,” the group noted.

And as the AFP reported, “Experts see phasing out coal, which produces greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, as key in battling a climate crisis whose impacts — ranging from species extinction to unliveable heat — are expected to accelerate markedly.”

“But many countries in the Asia-Pacific region, long reliant on the fossil fuel to power their booming economies, have been slow to act, even as Europe and the United States accelerate their transitions to cleaner energy.”

In short, Biden and the Democrats seek to cripple America economically, perhaps forever, with draconian environmental policies in the pursuit of a utopia that a major swath of Asia will simply undermine anyway, because, as Sen. Manchin sagely observed, “This is a global climate.”  

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  1. We can bend the curve on emissions by passing a Border Carbon Tax. Imports that are ‘dirty’ pay extra. Such bills await a passive Congress. WE can save lives, health care costs, our coasts, our forests, our farming, our species by using such levers.

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