CNN host Jake Tapper

CNN Host Jake Tapper Stunned That Michael Cohen Claimed Under Oath He Didn’t Want Trump Admin Gig

CNN host Jake Tapper
CNN host Jake Tapper (File)
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CNN host Jake Tapper expressed shock over former President Donald Trump’s previous attorney Michael Cohen denying he wanted to work in the White House during Thursday testimony.

Previous witness testimony by Keith Davidson, who formerly represented porn star Stormy Daniels, suggested Cohenwanted to work in Trump’s White House and was disheartened when the former president did not appoint him.

However, Cohen denied that he actually wanted a position while under oath, prompting a CNN panel to be incredulous.

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“Why deny this when there’s literally hundreds of people who know that he wanted to work in the Trump White House?” Tapper asked.

Trump’s defense attorney Todd Blanche attempted to demonstrate Cohen strongly desired a White House gig, questioning him about correspondence with friends, family and others about potential roles. Cohen reportedly said he only wanted Trump to consider him and that he did not actually want a White House job.

“It’s bizarre because this testimony here is even contradicted by the prosecution witnesses,” former Trump attorney Tim Parlatore said. “I mean, we heard from Stormy Daniels’ lawyer that Michael Cohen was complaining to him about not getting a job in the White House. And that he wanted to be AG and things like that. So this is a bizarre thing for him to be denying at this point. And I think that Todd is probably enjoying drawing out that Michael Cohen is now in this moment actively lying to the jury.”

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“There is all this testimony, there is all this evidence from Michael Cohen’s phones seized by the FBI and some of it is being used right now to show that Michael Cohen is currently not telling the truth,” Tapper said.

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