Cold Case: Laura Marie Nimbach, Missing

St. Petersburg Fla. – Laura Marie Nimbach was born on August 26, 1986, she grew up in Michigan after graduating high school she enrolled to attend Wayne State University to follow her dreams of becoming a nurse, as any young college students trying to work a full-time job, you can become overwhelmed with all the challenges.

Within two years of College Laura dropped out and relocated to Florida by 2007 Laura had became addicted to prescription pain medicine and soon was involved in an abusive relationship. At one point, when she was severely beaten, Laura attempted suicide with a drug overdose and she suffered heart and kidney failure.

She was in two different rehab centers working on getting her life straightened out, she stayed in regular contact with her family members when she went back to live in Florida.

By February of 2009, she was living in a domestic violence shelter in Clearwater, but she walked out on February 16th.

It was the next day that a Deputy Sheriff found her sleeping behind a building in the 4800 Block of 49th Street located in St. Petersburg. When her contact stopped with her family they knew something was very wrong they filed a missing person report but it wasn’t officially entered until March 31, 2009, six weeks after the last time she was seen.

Some fear that due to Laura’s lifestyle, her case wasn’t given the attention that it needed because valuable time was lost. She has two different tattoos one of which is on her lower back of a pink or red flower with a tribal design around it, the other one is on her left wrist with the letters- LN.

If you believe you have any information about this case please contact.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Case Number S008-71009

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