Colic Calm®, Clinically Proven to Reduce Babies’ Daily Crying Time

Colic Calm, the #1 selling gripe water alternative

Colic Calm was found to reduce infant daily crying time by more than 50% on average.

We are thrilled to see data that proves the efficacy of Colic Calm’s ability to significantly reduce babies' crying time. It's our mission to help provide effective relief.”

— Keith Page

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2022 / — Colic Calm, the #1 selling gripe water alternative medicine that targets colic, gas, and reflux symptoms, announced today that it is now clinically proven to significantly reduce infant crying time based on an open-label single-group clinical study.

In the study, it was concluded that Colic Calm is an effective way to reduce babies’ crying time in association with symptoms of colic and can be recommended to support healthy sleep patterns, reduce the risk of colic relapse, and does not carry any negative side effects.

Colic Calm is already loved by moms and doctors across the globe. But with the positive clinical study results, CalmCo®—the creators of Colic Calm—are confident that this product will help more families combat challenges that accompany colicky, gassy, and reflux babies.

“Parents have been trusting Colic Calm for almost twenty years to safely and effectively treat colic and associated symptoms,” said CalmCo’s CEO Keith Page. “We are thrilled to see data that proves the efficacy of Colic Calm’s ability to significantly impact babies with their colic, gas and reflux symptoms. It's our mission to help families with some of the challenges associated with early parenthood and provide effective relief of colic symptoms to restore peace.”

The specific results of the clinical study discovered that Colic Calm:
1. Reduced Babies’ Daily Crying Time
Babies cried significantly less after using Colic Calm, reducing daily crying time by more than 50% in colicky infants.

2. Supported Healthy Sleep Patterns
Due to Colic Calm taming the colic symptoms, babies’ sleep patterns were either maintained or improved.

3. Reduced the Risk of Colic Relapse
Babies were less likely to experience colic symptoms again after taking Colic Calm.

4. Had No Negative Side Effects of Infants
Unlike some over-the-counter medications, Colic Calm's gentle formula did not have any side effects or negative impact on vital signs—deeming it “safe” for babies to use.

CalmCo is based out of Sarasota, Florida and is committed to having their full product line entirely made in the USA. They believe in using the highest quality natural-active ingredients to create products that empower families to be their best and healthiest selves. By staying true to family-centered values and an effective formula, CalmCo is proud to share that Colic Calm is clinically proven to work.

Colic Calm is available nationally at Buy Buy Baby, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart or can be purchased online at,, and with a suggested retail price of $21.95.

CalmCo® is on a mission to provide families with innovative, effective medicines and supplements. By sourcing the best ingredients, we make the best formulas. When it comes to you or your family’s health, we make the first line of defense simple and effective. Our focus is on the wellbeing of our customers and providing effective relief without relying on synthetic laden formulations.

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