Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis

Conservatives Erupt Over Georgia DA Fani Willis Hearing

Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis
Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis. By Harold Hutchison, DCNF.

Conservatives jumped to social media to react to a Thursday hearing about Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s relationship with a special prosecutor.

Attorneys for Michael Roman, a former campaign official for former President Donald Trump, filed a motion on Jan. 8 alleging that Willis hired her romantic partner, Nathan Wade, to be a special prosecutor in the racketeering case. Wade allegedly spent money he received from working on the case to take Willis on expensive trips.

“Your tax dollars shouldn’t be used to pay for Fani Willis and Nathan Wade to take a vacation,” Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio posted on X, formerly Twitter. “And they certainly shouldn’t be used to target their political rival — President Trump.”

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SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly said the testimony from the hearing proved Willis and Wade “lied to the court.”

“Watching this Fani Willis/Nathan Wade hearing and they are toast. TOAST,” she posted on X. “1. Her former close friend testified that their romantic relationship began well prior to when Fani hired him. By years! (Which means they lied to the court.) 2. Wade claimed Fani reimbursed him for all the expensive trips but no record of that bc … it was all in cash. (Omg)”

“He def got caught lying on his earlier court submissions in divorce court & attempted to say the reason he (falsely) he swore that he had no ‘receipts’ was bc he only had ‘credit card statements’ reflecting the charges,” Kelly continued. “I have second hand embarrassment.”

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Roman’s attorneys said in a Feb. 9 filing that witnesses could contradict denials by Willis and Wade that their relationship began before she hired him as a special prosecutor. Robin Yeartie, a friend of Willis, testified that the Fulton County DA’s relationship with Wade began in 2019, not after his contract began in 2022 as previously said.

“On Day One, as Georgia’s next State Representative, I’ll pursue the impeachment of  Fani Willis,” CJ Pearson, a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives posted. “If she wanted to be Nathan Wade’s sugar mama, that’s her prerogative. But to use taxpayer dollars to do it? That’s corruption.”

“We all know that Fani Willis is toast. She is more than likely going to get disqualified,” Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project, posted. “Her boyfriend Nathan Wade is going to face punishment. This entire case is going to get a lot worse for Willis and Wade before it gets better.”

Willis admitted to a relationship with Wade on Feb. 2 in response to the Jan. 8 motion seeking her disqualification from the case.

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“Fani Willis could have slept with any man on the planet but one, the married subordinate she hired & paid $650k in taxpayer money to try and put Donald Trump in prison for the rest of his life. And she couldn’t do it,” Outkick’s Clay Travis posted. “Reckless, dumb and potentially criminal too. Incredible.”

“They are going down,” Amy Kremer, Women for America First chair, posted.

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