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COVID-19 Cases Climb, But Is the Virus Weakening?

June 22, 2020

By: Staff Report

GENOA – An Italian based infectious disease doctor, believes the COVID-19 virus has become less dangerous and could even dissipate on its own, without a vaccine.

matteo bassetti professor coronavirus the free press
Dr. Matteo Bassetti

Dr. Matteo Bassetti is the head of the infectious diseases clinic based in Genoa, said ‘the virus appears to have become less potent, possibly due to genetic mutations.’

Bassetti, told the the Sunday Telegraph, “It was like an aggressive tiger in March and April but now it’s like a wild cat. Even elderly patients, aged 80 or 90, are now sitting up in bed and they are breathing without help. The same patients would have died in two or three days before.

“I think the virus has mutated because our immune system reacts to the virus and we have a lower viral load now due to the lockdown, mask-wearing, social distancing,” he said. “We still have to demonstrate why it’s different now.”

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