David Gary Morrison on The Difference Straws Can Make to Your Bottom Line

The modern, environmentally sensitive alternative to plastic straws is Rhino Straws, David Gary Morrison says

Ten tiny changes can add up to a big reduction in overhead, David Gary Morrison says

BOCA RATON, FL, USA, January 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — No business, not even fast food chains, has a major line item for straws, David Gary Morrison tells us. But taking a hard look at small expenses can make a big difference in profitability,environmental impact, and brand for your business.

Let's take a look at the example of straws.

Choosing the Right Vendor for Straws Makes a Difference, Sometimes a Big Difference

If you go through 10,000 straws a week at your one-stop shop, shopping around for a vendor that provides straws of the same quality for $15 instead of another provider for $20 will save you $250 a year.

If you go through 10,000,000 straws a week for your fast food chain, you don't need David Gary Morrision telling you that wholesale price variation can make a $250,000 difference to your bottom line.

It's businesses that can save thousands of dollars per year that are more likely to miss savings that don't stand out as worth the effort until you look at pricing, dependability, and choice of supply. Take a second look at any small expenditure of over $5,000 per year to see if you can make savings of at least $1,000 a year.

But for some small items like straws, it isn't just price that makes a difference. It's also their environmental impact.

The Right Straw Can Have a Huge Impact, Gary David Morrison Says

The problem with most use-it-once-and-throw-it-away straws is that they can last in a landfill as long as 500 years. Even worse, they can get mixed in with garbage that floats out to see, becomes micronized into tiny plastic particles, and swallowed by the smallest sea creature on which the larger sea creatures feed.

Most consumers find that biodegradable paper straws like those that were so common 50 years ago aren't a good alternative. If you are old enough to remember the old-style thin paper straws, you also remember that it usually took more than to finish a cold drink or cocktail, and they became limp and useless after just a few sips. But they were biodegradable.

The modern, environmentally sensitive alternative to plastic straws is Rhino Straws, David Gary Morrison says. Rhino Straws, made from paper, break down in landfills or composting systems in a few years, but still have the look and feel of a plastic straw.

Rhino Straws and Branding for Your Business

The manufacturers of Rhino Straws often advise "Be part of the environmental change you seek."

That's the value of biodegradable straws for branding, says David Gary Morrison. Not every customer cares whether their straws go into a landfill, but many customers do. Rhino Straws can help build a brand among environmentally-conscious consumers.

Boca Raton, FL environmentalist David Gary Morrision says that even if your business doesn't plan to cater to the environmentalist market now, it's good to line up sources of environmentally-friendly products now. Establishing relationships with the right vendors now can help you avoid supply chain issues in the future. And when you stock Rhino Straws, you are also supporting the planting of millions of trees to create a sustainable resource.

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