Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s immigration gambit has made its point. And Washington, D.C., Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser is crying uncle.

DC Mayor Claims Illegals Are Being “Tricked” Into Being Sent To Her City

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s immigration gambit has made its point. And Washington, D.C., Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser is crying uncle.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s immigration gambit has made its point. And Washington, D.C., Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser is crying uncle.

Back in April, Abbott indicated his frustration with the Biden administration’s inaction on the southern border had boiled over.

As the liberal Texas Tribune reported at the time, “Abbott unveiled a stunning plan that sent a shockwave through the immigration rights community: Texas would place state troopers in riot gear to meet migrants at the border and bus them straight to the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., where he said the Biden administration ‘will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border.’”

And Abbott has made good on his promise – to the point that DC’s mayor herself is frustrated and conjuring up conspiracy theories.

As The Washington Examiner reported on Monday, “The influx of migrants has only exacerbated the homelessness crisis in Washington, Bowser said, leaving several organizations scrambling as shelters fill up. Buses from Arizona and Texas have been transporting migrants to the nation’s capital for months, with more expected in the coming weeks.”

“Aid groups have struggled to keep up with the rising numbers, leading many migrants to sleep on the ground outside of the city’s Union Station after buses dropped them off. Organizations have lamented there aren’t enough resources to respond.”

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Madhvi Bahl, a spokesperson for the pro-illegal immigration groups Sanctuary DMV and Free Them All VA, told the Examiner, “DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area community organizations and volunteers have shown up time and again to support our neighbors but we do not have the resources that the government does.”

In other words, we’re now just like Texas and Arizona.

For her part, Bowser claimed the illegals are being “tricked” to board a bus to her town. The Texas policy is voluntary.

“This is a very significant issue. We have called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses. We think they’re largely asylum-seekers or going to final destinations that are not Washington, D.C.,” Bowser said during an uinterview with CBS News on Sunday, according to the Examiner.

“But I fear that they’re being tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the United States.”

Bowser said DC taxpayers are not covering the cost of dealing with the overflowing ranks of illegals. And, she added, “They should not pick up the tab.”

“We really need a coordinated federal response,” said Bowser. 

Which, ironically, is something Abbott has been pleading for.

On Monday, Fox News noted that it asked Bowser’s office “if she could point to the person or persons tricking the migrants to travel cross-country to her city.”

The network also inquired “if the strain on her city has changed her perspective on the southern border currently in a compounding crisis.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, “Bowser’s office did not respond to Fox News Digital’s questions.”

On Monday, Abbott’s office responded, denying anyone was being “tricked.”

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“President Biden’s open border policies have created an ongoing humanitarian crisis, with record-high illegal crossings and deadly drugs like fentanyl flooding into our state,” Abbott’s spokeswoman Renae Eze said.

“Border communities are overrun and overwhelmed, and Governor Abbott launched the border bus mission back in April to help provide support to these communities pleading for help where the Biden Administration is dumping migrants,” Eze told Fox News.

“With our nation’s capital now experiencing a fraction of the disaster created by President Biden’s reckless open border policies that our state faces every single day, maybe he’ll finally do his job and secure the border.”

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