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DEI Continues For Military Children Following Florida Rep. Gaetz’s Victory Over Gil Cisneros

Gaetz Milley
Photo: Congressman Matt Gaetz gives General Mark Milley (2023)

Conservatives thought they had won a major victory last spring when the Pentagon shut down its “diversity, equity, and inclusion” program for schools operated by the Defense Department.

That occurred after Rep. Matt Gaetz and other GOP lawmakers exposed the racist, anti-white social media posts of Kelisa Wing, a black woman who had led the DEI program within the Department of Defense Education Activity.

Faced with those posts last March, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Gil Cisneros admitted Wing’s posts were unacceptable and agreed to disband the DEI unit she once led.

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Yet, it seems that was a ruse.

Recently, 11 months after Cisneros waved the white flag over the DEI program, Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and founder of the government watchdog group Open The Books, revealed that the DEI unit may have disappeared but the school curriculum it championed very much lives on within DoD schools.

“Cisneros was actually faking. The radical curriculum was not dismantled. Instead, it was stealthily embedded into the lesson plans and classrooms throughout the entire school system,” he wrote. “They bamboozled the public with window dressing in Congressional hearings while forcing woke extremism on the roughly 70,000 children of our military service members. It’s critical that taxpayers understand the scope of the DEI philosophy within the DoD’s schools – deployed service members often have no alternative but to use the Pentagon-run school system, called the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).”

Andrzejewski added that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is blocking public records requests for details about what military children are being taught.

The Pentagon “relentlessly promotes DEI-ideologies to school children of serving families through educational contractors with millions of dollars of taxpayer funding,” he noted.

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He offered some examples:

  • Chat rooms to facilitate teacher-student conversations about sexuality and gender are closed to parents.
  • Elementary schools promote that even pre-K grades are the “perfect time” to “really show students the diversity of the gender expression and gender activity.”
  • Videos tout “dissent” and “equity” to help teachers drive “much-needed discussions about implicit bias and systemic racism, human rights, equity, social justice, dissent, protest, and empathy.”
  • References to teachers to educate children on “social justice rather than heroes, holidays, and celebrations.”

And the department is covering it up.

“The Pentagon is assiduously attempting to hide its biased left-wing extremist curriculum from public view.  It is deleting public access to links, driving DEI infrastructure underground, and liberally redacting the most basic Freedom of Information Act requests,” wrote Andrzejewski.

The Defense Department also has refused to identify the 15-member  DEI Steering Committee that was created after Cisneros allegedly disbanded the unit.

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“Secretary Austin and then-Under Secretary Cisneros devoted themselves to hiding their DEI bait-and-switch,” he continued.

“With the fanfare of a Congressional platform, Cisnero sought credit for shutting down DEI. But under our scrutiny, we found DoD instead made DEI a stealth weapon against the kids of our fighting men and women in service to an anti-American neo-Marxist ideology.”

Moreover, Austin is “leveraging public record laws to the hilt to prevent parents and the public from knowing details of its efforts, while spending millions of taxpayer dollars on objectionable content for school children,” Andrzejewski said.

“DoDEA did not dismantle its DEI efforts. It redoubled those efforts and added deceit and dissembling to its mix. Given DoDEA’s recent history and press regarding extremist content in schools, heads must roll, and the agency must provide full transparency of teaching methods and its DEI-related policy operations.”

“Parents, taxpayers, and the kids themselves deserve no less,” he concluded. 

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