Gender Pronoun List

Democratic Group Condemns Florida GOP Bill To Block “Preferred Pronouns” In Public Workplaces

gender Pronoun list
Gender Pronoun List

A Florida Republican’s demand for proper grammar sent a bevy of leftists into full meltdown. The Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus condemned a new bill that bans the use of “preferred pronouns” in government workplaces.

The group labeled the measure a “disturbing escalation of right-wing extremism in Florida” in a Letter To The Editor to the Villages-News.

At issue was a bill introduced last week by state Rep. Ryan Chamberlin, a Belleview Republican.

As reported by the Tampa Free Press, Chamberlin’s legislation would shield public employees at state, county, city, and special district agencies, as well as government contractors, from “adverse” employment consequences for not using the pronouns demanded by LGBTQ staffers.

His bill would defend those who object to using pronouns that do not correspond with a person’s biological sex on the basis of “deeply held religious or biology-based beliefs.”

That includes beliefs rooted in “traditional or Biblical views of sexuality and marriage” or a “disagreement with gender ideology, whether those views are expressed … at or away from the worksite.”

The forces that tirelessly demand tolerance of others revealed that they would not tolerate Chamberlin’s bill or those who would defy the grammar games of LGBTQ activists.

“The legislation is an egregious attempt to erode LGBTQ+ Floridians legal protections. HB599 is about more than just restricting pronouns. This expansion of government control is about removing and discouraging transgender Floridians from participating in public service roles and censoring the missions of Florida’s nonprofits of which the DeSantis administration disagrees. This is a disturbing escalation of right-wing extremism in Florida and an aggressive acceleration by the DeSantis administration in its continued attempt to censor and erase our existence,” wrote Nathan Bruemmer
President of the Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus.

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