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Dennis Hernandez Drops Lawsuit on Former Employee

TAMPA, Fla. – Well-known Tampa attorney, Dennis Hernandez, has dropped another lawsuit against former employee Mina Boutsomsi who served as a marketing representative and settlement paralegal. The Free Press reported on the lawsuit in September, indicating Hernandez sued for $1 Million in damages due to violation of Boutsomsi’s non-compete contract agreement.

Ms. Boutsomsi was originally reported as terminated by Hernandez’ law firm, but in an interview today, she indicated she had not been terminated. “I left on a medical furlough.  The administrator said I could come back. I told them I would not be coming back, but I left on good terms. The lawsuit has been dropped because the non-compete was not specific enough to sue me over.”  Ms. Boutsomsi worked for BiFulco Medical Group of Tampa after leaving Hernandez’ firm. She now resides out-of-state, she said.

Hernandez also dropped a previous lawsuit filed against former employee Alyssa Santana who served as a paralegal.

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