Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

DeSantis’ Willingness To Battle Liberal Media May Be Having Spillover Effect

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis
Governor Ron DeSantis (Governors Office)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ willingness to battle the hostile liberal media — including refusing to talk to outlets that the Republican governor believes are dishonest or unfair — is having a spillover effect.

Breitbart News on Thursday highlighted a story in the Dispatch news website that noted Republican politicians going into the 2024 elections “could attempt to freeze out mainstream journalists.”

Dispatch, which seeks to argue that it is a conservative publication, tried to make the case that this could adversely affect the GOP.

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But one Republican political consultant noted, “I increasingly hear from my clients that they have no desire to speak to the New York Times, the Washington Post or CNN. Their argument is: Our voters don’t care what they write, so why should we care what they write?”

While former President Donald Trump may have launched this mindset among the GOP with his frequent rants about the “fake news” and journalists being the “enemy of the people,” DeSantis’ most recent encounter with the pro-Democrat media shows all Republicans can adopt this strategy.

Breitbart News reported on Wednesday that a reporter from the leftist website Axios was fired after he called a DeSantis administration press release “propaganda.”

The firing emerged from a Florida Department of Education roundtable hosted by the governor that focused on the “diversity equity and inclusion scam in higher education.”  

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“These concepts are in no way inclusive, and instead force exclusion and division within higher education, and do not in any way contribute to learning or knowledge,” DeSantis’ office said in a press release about the event.

“As such, no funding from hardworking, tax-paying Floridians, including the parents of higher-education students, should be spent on these divisive initiatives.”

Former Axios reporter Ben Montgomery labeled that “propaganda.”

Breitbart reported that shortly thereafter, Montgomery was fired. That came after DeSantis’ administration spotlighted his tweet about “propaganda.”

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Breitbart suggested that Axios cut Montgomery loose after he violated the company’s ethics policy, which requires staff to “maintain professionalism with all sources” and “respect and be civil to all people we have contact with.”

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