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Digital Marketing Expert Recommends “Doubling Down” During Rough Economic Times

September 3, 2020

by: Kirby Lavallee

TAMPA, Fla- For many businesses, the first thing to do during an economic downturn is to pull back on all their paid advertisements. Local Tampa Digital Marketing Expert, Jake Kurtz of Brick Media Group, recommends the complete opposite. 

jake kurtz brick media group tampa
Jake Kurtz of Brick Media Group

Over the last several months, businesses all over the globe are all facing the same issues, a huge decrease in revenue which was previously used to get their message out to the masses. But, what a lot of business owners do not know is that as the market becomes less saturated with advertisers, then the prices are significantly reduced. “This means if you spend $100 on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or LinkedIn Ads, that $100 goes further because there aren’t as many other brands competing for the ad slots,” Jake explains. In every economic downturn, the trends have always been the same, one of the first cuts made when revenue is down is to advertising and marketing, so this time is no different. In the current market, rates are at an all-time low and many small businesses would never be able to get the bandwidth they can currently. This is the time now that people need to know and see your brand, in addition to how your brand is different than your competition. If you are in a situation where you can financially increase your marketing budget, this is the time to double down and put your dollars to work at their maximum potential.

Does it all come down to just spending money to get your message out there? Jake explains that organic social media is just as important as paid media. 

“People live and breathe on their mobile devices. The only way to stay relevant is to be in front of them on that screen,” says Jake. In addition to just focusing on increasing paid advertising, many local companies are having success in building their local brands by being a resource and sharing relative content with others through their social media channels. This method of really focusing on increased content sharing is the way that I found Jake and his company, Brick Media on social media months ago. Jake is known around Tampa as being more than just a marketing firm, he is known as a resource for quality information sharing. By being viewed as an expert and sharing useful content for others that are looking for your type of service or business, you will be way ahead of others in the same space.

This method will also boost your credibility, which is extremely important to most clients looking to buy or hire a service. When looking to buy a product or service, do you choose one that is reputable and trusted? This is the same concept that you should do when marketing your own brand.

It’s more than just focusing on the product or service that you sell, you must focus on creating a long-term brand that people will begin to like, know, and trust. Many people wonder, how do I create a brand and become recognized, Jake says it’s simple, “Create a brand that adds value and that people will remember and feel compelled to support, even during tough times.” This is done in many different ways, solid content creation, engaging with the local community you serve, proper planning, and execution is always key. These are all things that a marketing expert can help you navigate if you feel it is not in your wheelhouse. And let’s not forget consistency! Without a good marketing plan and consistently being seen by those you serve, they won’t ever become familiar with how you can help them.

In a constantly evolving market, the question is always – which social media platform is the best for me to use? Well, the short answer is that a blended approach is probably the best, but you first must know your target audience and what platforms your audience is using. Companies like Jake’s can help with that.

What is Instagram’s algorithm and how do I crack that code? Well, none of us know that but Jake did make a good point, “digital marketing changes by the second. That’s why you can’t work with marketing companies that change by the year.”

If you would like to connect with Jake or his team at Brick Media Group, check them out on their website at https://brickmediagroup.com/ or call (813) 985-2617. 

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