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Disturbing Racist Exchange in Apollo Beach

June 30, 2020

By: Staff Report

APOLLO BEACH Fla.- These days, while in public, everything we do or say can be captured in photos or video and in most cases ends up on social media.

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Mike Zuzack from Zuzack Lawn Services, located in Apollo Beach Florida., walked onto a job site where his crew had been verbally abused with a diatribe of ignorance from a neighboring homeowner of the job site. One of Zuzack’s crew members captured the 19-minute exchange on Facebook Live and we have embedded the video below.

Police were called and a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy helped to diffuse the situation to allow Mike and his crew to finish the french drain, but were unable to assist with the neighboring ignorance.

Just a warning, the video below contains language and topics that could be disturbing to some viewers. (It’s rated R)

One last thing, before you watch the video, if you need lawn services or french drains, visit Zuzack Lawn Services on Facebook.

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