“Don’t Be A Communist” U.S. Rep Greene Denounces Biden, Admin for Going On Vaccine Mandate

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized the Biden administration for going “full communist” in its demand for a vaccine mandate, and for forcing the U.S. to bow to China in other ways.

Her message to the administration: “Don’t be a communist.”

The Georgia Republican fired off a series of tweets on Monday night, beginning with a comment that it is “almost comical” that President Joe Biden and the Democrats think “going full communist authoritarian with vaccine mandates will force the good working people that keep our country afloat to comply.”

Democrats, she noted, underestimate the importance of truck drivers, nurses, and other essential workers who are declining to be vaccinated in accordance with government mandates.

“Imagine our country, which is teetering on economic collapse, if truck drivers and nurses are fired bc [because] they refuse to comply to the Communist regime and won’t get vaxxed,” Greene said. “Do you know will be at fault? The Democrats. America is not Communist China.”

“Yet,” she added, “it’s the Democrats that just handed over $1 T [trillion] in rare earth mineral mines in Afghanistan to China and simultaneously are working to pass the Green New Deal in the budget that will force you all to rely on China to drive your Gov mandated EV’s [electric vehicles].”

“Why would the Dems pass laws to make Americans rely on Communist Chinese batteries to drive when we have perfectly good automotive workers right here at home that build perfectly good engines?”

Greene also tweeted that Biden and the Democrats love to bow to communist China, for one reason because Hunter Biden does business with communist leaders there.

But, she suggested, it’s not just on economics where the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress are caving to the Chinese.

“Why would Biden and the Dems force truckers, nurses, and more critically needed workforce to take a vaccine (for a virus made in China) they don’t want and feel they don’t need?” Greene said. “Biden and the Dems seem too arrogant, perhaps stupid, or just so disconnected to understand that it’s these great critical infrastructure workers that are mostly good people and many live in rural America, really don’t care what Dems say.”

“It’s the cities that need rural America and the regular working folks that keep the cities alive. Not the other way around,” Greene maintained. “Rural Americans will survive. Actually they will thrive. Don’t force people too far. Don’t cause them to get fired. Don’t be a communist.”

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