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Fatal Crash in St. Pete Early Monday Morning

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla – At about 3:10 a.m. Monday, Zachary Marckise Vereen Sr., 35, of St.Petersburg, was traveling north on 8th Street at a high rate of speed in a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer. Vereen swerved around a slower vehicle and lost control of his car, striking several palm trees in the 100 block of 8th Street North.

Several minutes earlier, Vereen drove by a crime scene at 17th Ave. S. and 16th Street South. The car was pointed out as possibly being a suspect who had a gun and struck a woman at that location. An officer followed Vereen, attempting to get an auto tag number, but Vereen sped off and the officer discontinued following him and turned off. The officer did not pursue and which was verified by several independent witnesses.

Vereen was transported to Bayfront Health where he died of his injuries. Through an investigation, it was determined that Vereen was not the suspect in the earlier crime.

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4 Replies to “Fatal Crash in St. Pete Early Monday Morning”

  1. Since when do cops stop going after a perceived suspect? What about the witness who said the cops did in fact chase the deceased? Why did the cops lie to the family saying that there were no stops in the area at the time of the accident and cops just so happened to be around & heard the accident? So many lies. The family just wants the truth.

  2. If he was fleeing and alluding what difference does it make. If they were following him. He lost control and fled no one else made him do this. Why is it always someone else’s problem or fault. He hit a tree and now we have to find someone else to blame. It’s his doing no one else’s. It’s horrible but no one hit him with a tree.

  3. Well guess what he was on live an the proof is there u saw the fucking cop the whole fucking time behind him for fucking what everything was bein recorded i hope the family sue the fuck out of them cops

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