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Florida Dept. Of Education Gives Hillsborough Schools 3 Options For Opening

August 7, 2020

By: Staff Report

TAMAP, Fla. – Just one day after Hillsborough County School Board voted on a 4-week delay for on-campus schooling, the Commissioner of Education, Richard Corocran, says not so fast.

Richard Corcoran
Richard Corocran SOURCE Twitter Proile

In a letter, addressed to Superintendent, Addison Davis and Chair Melissa Snively, Corcoran states that the Hillsborough School Boards’ decision on the delay, directly contradicts the approved reopening plan.

Corcorans letter states that the district has three options for opening:

  1. Following the planned previously approved by the FLDOE
  2. Submitting an amended plan that follows guidelines laid out by the state
  3. Withdrawing the original plan and proceeding under the existing statutory framework

“The Hillsborough County School Board needs to follow the law, it’s that simple. The whole reason the Department created the emergency order was to grant districts maximum flexibility to do what is right for parents and school children. We will not stand idly by while they trample over the majority of parents who want to do right by their children. What they did yesterday completely eliminated the flexible options for their families and students and ignored how harmful it can be for students who are experiencing violence, abuse, and food insecurity in their homes, many of whom are already struggling to close achievement gaps,” said Corocran.

You can read the complete letter here:

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