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Florida Man Threatens To Kill Trump Supporters Arrested

CLEARWATER, Fla. – At around 3:17 am Wednesday morning, the Florida Fusion Center received information from the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center regarding a Richard Szala leaving comments on YouTube videos threatening to kill Trump supporters, his neighbor, and several dignitaries on Nov. 4th

including: Senators McConnell, Graham, Paul, Rubio, Scott, Representatives Jordan and Gaetz, and Governor DeSantis. A search of his IP address led to his location being traced to 337 Elizabeth Ave, Clearwater. According to public records searches Szala has been charged with harassment by phone in Illinois in 1989.

Clearwater detectives coordinated with FDLE, FBI and Secret Service before contacting Richard at his residence. Detectives interviewed Szala and obtained a confession along with consent to take Richard’s firearm, computer and phone.

Secret Service agents interviewed Szala after Clearwater detectives completed their interviews.

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