Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz Leads Intro Of GAZA Act, “Guarding American Zones Against Palestinian Immigration Act”

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz
Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz

The United States has long grappled with the complex issue of immigration, and the latest development in this ongoing debate is the introduction of the “Guarding American Zones Against Palestinian Immigration Act” (GAZA Act) by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Republican colleagues.

This bill seeks to restrict the entry of individuals holding passports issued by the Palestinian Authority into the United States, sparking a heated discussion on the intersection of national security, geopolitics, and human rights.

Gaetz, a vocal proponent of tighter immigration policies, has argued that the GAZA Act is a necessary measure to safeguard American interests and protect the nation from potential security threats.

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The bill’s supporters contend that individuals holding Palestinian Authority passports pose a heightened risk of engaging in terrorist activities or undermining the United States’ strategic alliances in the region.

“If Palestinian refugees are too dangerous for our allies in the region, they are certainly too dangerous for the United States. The Biden administration’s border policies have already exacerbated national security concerns across our country,” said Gaetz.

“A two-year moratorium on all immigration from Palestine is a common-sense measure to ensure the safety and security of the American people. We must prioritize the protection of our nation and its citizens above all else,” said Gaetz.

The bill would also prevent Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from funneling Palestinians into the U.S. through the agency’s parole pipeline.

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Following the United States’ exit from Afghanistan, Biden used his administration’s parole pipeline to resettle roughly 100,000 Afghans in American neighborhoods, many of whom had not been interviewed in person before and were found to be tied to terrorism.

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