Gaetz Milley

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz: Pentagon Wants ‘Social Justice’ Warriors Instead Of Actual Warriors

Gaetz Milley
Photo: Congressman Matt Gaetz gives General Mark Milley evidence of drag queen events on military bases after entering them into the Congressional Record on March 29, 2023.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, who has led the charge against the Pentagon’s unceasing fascination with wokeness, fired another salvo against the Defense Department.

In an interview with Fox News, the Fort Walton Beach Republican criticized the Defense Department’s request for $114 million in its 2024 budget to fund  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility programs. 

In the 158-page report outlining its budget request, the Pentagon noted, “We enhance force readiness and develop the capabilities we need to protect America when we fully embrace diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and thought. The Department will lead with our values—building diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do.”

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Gaetz was not amused.

“It is deeply troubling that we have some military leaders who want to build social-justice warriors instead of warriors who are survivable, lethal and capable on the battlefield,” Gaetz told Fox News on Sunday.

Gaetz raised the recent incident at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, whereby commanders urged troops to avoid a pro-Trump rally, saying that attending could affect their safety and jeopardize their military careers.

“At the same time they [Air Force leaders] are saying you can’t go to a conservative function, they are seeking all this money for diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Gaetz said.

He noted that even the national war colleges, which offer senior military leaders instruction in advanced strategies, “embracing socialism” is being promoted as a viable geopolitical military strategy.

“I think we’ve got great servicemembers,” he added. “I think they’re not being served well by some of the top leadership at the Pentagon.”

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As the Tampa Free Press has reported, Gaetz, a member of the Armed Services Committee, has routinely sparred with military leaders over woke policies and practices. 

Besides the Minot AFB incident, Gaetz has criticized military leaders for hosting drag shows at Army posts, failing to discipline a top Pentagon official who is black for social media posts racist against whites, allowing biological men who claim to be women to shower with female soldiers, and teaching Critical Race Theory at the military service academies.    

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