Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (File)

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz Says Biden Continues To Stumble From “Blunder” After DoD Announces Troop Exit From Chad

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (File)
Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (File)

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz slams President Joe Biden for foreign policy “blunder after blunder” after the Defense Department (DoD) announced U.S. troops will also be leaving a second African country.

Gaetz made the comment in an interview on Friday with Real America’s Voice network with host Grant Stinchfield. Stinchfield asked for an update on the situation in Niger, where Biden recently said 1,100 troops would be departing.

As the Tampa Free Press reported last week, Gaetz, a Fort Walton Beach Republican, had in recent days spotlighted how those troops were increasingly abandoned by the Biden administration — even as Niger’s regime was becoming more anti-American.

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Gaetz had released a report earlier this month noting that the July coup in Niger ended U.S. diplomatic overflights that delivered fresh replacement troops as well as medical supplies, equipment, mail, and other materials.

He attributed the administration’s reaction to information provided by whistleblowers now serving in Niger. 

Niger’s ruling military cadre announced in March that it had revoked a deal with the U.S. to allow military and civilian Defense Department personnel to deploy in the nation. The agreement has existed since at least 2012.

In his report, Gaetz had spotlighted how the soldiers in Niger who overthrew the government there last year had been trained by U.S. forces.

CNN reported recently that the leaders of Chad also wanted U.S. troops out.

According to the Associated Press on Thursday, the Pentagon announced that the estimated 100 troops in Chad would be leaving, perhaps only temporarily.

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“Throughout Africa, throughout the world, the Biden administration has had blunder after blunder,” Gaetz told Stinchfiled.

“I’m looking forward to getting back to the Trump days, when it was prosperity at home and peace abroad.”

Gaetz said he looked forward to grilling Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin about the situation in Niger during an upcoming hearing.

“The well-being of our troops should not be subject to politics or people’s embarrassment,” Gaetz said. “We have to take care of them first and foremost.”

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