Rep. Greg Steube

Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube Says “NO” To Debt Ceiling Deal

The U.S. House will vote Wednesday evening on Speaker Kevin McCarthy's debt ceiling deal with President Joe Biden.
Rep. Greg Steube (TFP File Photo)

The U.S. House will vote Wednesday evening on Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt ceiling deal with President Joe Biden.

The vote is a test for McCarthy, (R-CA.), who narrowly won the speakership in January and faces new threats to his gavel from members of the Republican party.

Some GOP members have scoffed at the agreement and urged fellow members to vote no.

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On Wednesday, U.S. Representative Greg Steube (R-Fla.) said that while he appreciated McCarthy’s efforts, the bill doesn’t address the debt problem and adds ‘multi-trillions’ in new debt to that mirror COVID-era spending levels.

Steube on Wednesday said, “I’m a no. While I was originally optimistic about some of the conservative wins found in the negotiated debt ceiling package, I have read the bill, heard from hundreds of my constituents, and ultimately cannot in good conscience vote for this legislation.”

“House Republicans acted responsibly weeks ago by passing a plan to address America’s fiscal crisis, and Speaker McCarthy successfully forced President Biden to the negotiating table. I supported that plan, and I was prepared to support a good-faith compromise,” said Steube. “But this bill does not go far enough to address Washington’s spending problem.”

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Steube added, “Floridians do not want multi-trillions of new debt added to our $31.4 trillion national debt, and they certainly do not want COVID-19 spending levels to be the norm while Biden’s IRS expansion plan remains in place and work requirements for Medicaid are left out. While I applaud the Speaker for forcing Democrats to include some conservative wins, I will not be supporting this bill.”

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