Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

Florida Sen. Rubio Says Trump’s Growth With Hispanic Voters Is Rooted In Traditional Values

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (File)

President Joe Biden’s team is in a panic about Hispanic voters.

Last week Axios reported that the latest polls show Biden’s support among Latinos cratering, down from a 29-point advantage over former President Donald Trump during Biden’s first year to just nine points now. Biden’s lead dipped to just three points among Hispanics who will vote in November.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Trump is “within striking distance of a majority among Hispanic voters,” which the paper added “would be an unprecedented showing for a Republican in modern times.”

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In a recent interview, Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio said the reason for Trump’s surge is no mystery.

The more Democrats abandon commonsense, traditional working-class values, the more Hispanics will flock to Trump.

“They can’t cohabitate with this party, and they’re becoming part of the Republican Party,” Rubio told Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham. “And Trump speaks to them.”

Like all working-class Americans, these Hispanics are “tired of seeing their jobs sent to China (and) are tired of our country being flooded with people from all over the world.”

“The values you built your life around are constantly under attack by Democrats, by the left, by these radicals,” said Rubio. 

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But beyond that, Democrats are losing to Trump among Hispanics because they are choosing to demonize and dismiss traditional masculinity.

“If you look at what’s described as a good student, it’s someone who’s quiet, it’s someone who listens to instruction all the time, that’s not boys,” Rubio said. “Boys are rambunctious, they’re loud, they move around. It is a natural thing, it can be destructive, but it’s a natural thing, and all of those things are under attack in mass media, in education, and across society, and I do think people resent that.”

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