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Florida, Texas Officials Slam Biden’s Words Of Other Things Are “More Important” Than Border

America’s southern border is being overrun, if not utterly erased, by illegal immigration and lawless drug and human trafficking. And Florida is reaping the effects.

America’s southern border is being overrun, if not utterly erased, by illegal immigration and lawless drug and human trafficking. And Florida is reaping the effects.

The state Medical Examiners Commission recently released its annual report on drug-related deaths for 2021. Drugs of some form were found in more than 16,000 of the nearly 37,000 deaths investigated by state medical examiners in 2021; opioids caused 6,442.

Among those opioid-caused fatalities, fentanyl killed 5,791, or 90% of them, the most of any drug.

Yet President Joe Biden refuses to go see the border situation first-hand.

As The Free Press reported, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden why he wasn’t going to the Mexican border during a trip to Phoenix; the Democratic president answered, “There are more important things going on.”

Fox noted that while Biden’s next trip to the border will be his first, he has made eight ice cream runs as president.

In Florida, state officials would not let the White House forget that trips to the local ice cream shop are not more important than national security.

On Wednesday, state Attorney General Ashley Moody retweeted a Fox News article about a Border Patrol agent dying in a high-speed crash while pursuing fleeing illegals in Texas.

“While @JoeBiden claims there are ‘more important things’ going on, Border Patrol agents are dying while fighting an uphill battle against the endless waves of illegal immigrants flooding into the U.S. Please keep this agent’s family in your prayers,” Moody tweeted.

Bryan Griffin, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, tweeted, “Not important enough for the Biden admin to address meaningfully: The border, Inflation, Gas prices, Big tech collusion & censorship. Important to the Biden Administration: Climate reparations, Your $600 Venmo transaction, Defending child sex changes, Mandating booster shots.”

DeSantis’ Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern added, “FY 2022 broke an all-time record for encounters at the border. October of FY2023 was 40% higher than October of FY2022. This is a humanitarian crisis caused by the Biden Administration’s open border policies, but I guess there’s more important things to do.”

In its own tweet, the National Border Patrol Council, the union for Border Patrol agents, added, “Visiting an ice cream shop: Very important. Visiting our border, where illegal immigration, deaths, escapes and fentanyl smuggling set new records non-stop with thousands dying as a result: Not important.”    

They also were not pleased in Texas.

In the news: Florida’s Crime Stats Back Up Gov. DeSantis’ Rhetoric On Law And Order

GOP Reps. Dan Crenshaw and Ronny Jackson both scolded Biden for his dismissive attitude toward border security.

“Biden won’t go to the border because he says there are ‘more important things going on.’ I guess thousands of illegal crossings every day, drug cartels in full operational control of our border, and fentanyl killing almost 80,000 Americans doesn’t land on his priority list,” Crenshaw tweeted.

Jackson added, “What’s more important than the collapsing NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES!?  Biden needs to be FIRED. He’s ABANDONED US!!!!”

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