Florida Woman Cracked Driveway

Florida Woman Faces ‘Crippling’ Fines, $165,250, For Parking On Her Own Driveway

A Florida woman faces more than $100,000 in fines, for parking violations, on her own driveway.

Town officials in Lantana, a small burg on the Atlantic coast just south of West Palm Beach, have slapped Sandy Martinez with $101,750 in fines – $250 a day for 407 days – “for parking cars partially on her own grass.”

That’s according to a lawsuit filed on Thursday by the Institute for Justice, a libertarian public interest legal aid group that is suing the town on Martinez’s behalf.

But that’s not all.

The town, according to court records, also has hit Martinez with $16,125 in fines for having cracks in her driveway. And there is another penalty of $47,375 for having a downed fence in her yard, apparently damaged after a storm but which was fixed once she completed an insurance claim.

Overall cost: $165,250 – nearly quadruple what Martinez makes in a year.

The town is sticking strictly to the letter of its code, which says “all off-street parking spaces, including driveways … shall be asphalt, concrete or block and shall be hard surfaced and in good repair in compliance with town codes.”

In court documents, though, the Institute for Justice asserts the “crippling” fines were imposed for “trivial code violations,” and that they are both excessive and unconstitutional under Florida’s state Constitution.

According to the lawsuit, Martinez works in a medical office that treats cancer patients, and in order “to make things work financially,” she shares her home of the last 17 years with her mother, her older sister, and her three children, two of whom are adults.

“Together, the four of them — Sandy, her sister, and her two adult children — share the traditional burdens of maintaining a household. But having four working adults in a single-family home means having four drivers, on four different schedules, who all need a place to park,” the lawsuit says.

“That often meant that there were four cars parked in their driveway. This arrangement resulted in the outer wheels of each car extending slightly beyond the side edge of the driveway — partially onto a walkway on one side and onto a grassy area on the other.”

“The only safe, sensible way to park the cars is by arranging them in the driveway with the sides of the cars extending partially onto the grass and/or walkway,” the lawsuit adds, noting that parking on the street would block a lane of traffic.

“Given all of the legal and practical restrictions on where Sandy can park, the reality is that when everyone is home, it is impossible to park without putting the cars in harm’s way or risking violating city ordinances. Thankfully, the neighbors do not complain and have never asked Sandy to be more mindful about how she parks. The neighbors understand that Sandy and her family members need to be able to get to work and school.”

The Institute for Justice argues, “Sandy and her family live paycheck-to-paycheck. Each member of the household works and contributes however they can. After paying her mortgage, bills, and basic living expenses, there is nothing left.”

“A cracked driveway does not present a legitimate threat to the health and safety of the general public in Lantana. A broken fence does not present a legitimate threat to the health and safety of the general public in Lantana. Parking more cars on a driveway than its space can technically fully accommodate is not a legitimate threat to the health and safety of the general public in Lantana,” Martinez’s lawyer concludes.

“Taken together, the City’s fines of $165,250 for code violations which are each unrelated to health and safety is grossly disproportionate to the respective offenses and shocks the conscience.”

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12 Replies to “Florida Woman Faces ‘Crippling’ Fines, $165,250, For Parking On Her Own Driveway”

  1. How stupid. Why don’t you go after the real criminals and leave the hard working tax payers alone. Just trying to get more money on hard working people that are minding there own business.

  2. I hope she wins and sues for mental distress in the tune of millions. I can’t stand all this government over reach.

  3. This is a shame that they do working people like this and then they pass laws that let illegals into American, while hard working people pay for it. Veterans on the streets and illegal immigration in temporary homes! Sad what this world is coming too !!!!

  4. You know how to correct the situation- have a good memory when it comes election time!!! Know where the candidate stands on common sense issues!!😖

  5. Had the same thing happen in Texas. Fines nearly a million dollars for vehicles located in the lot of a vehicle repair shop. Just another example of a town council with a control complex going to make an example of the reprobates to keep the rest of the town under their thumb. Incidentally the Texas town ended up withdrawing their suit.

  6. As far as the home owner is using her premises, any part of the home plot, and not violating public property, where is the harm. If the town council could allocate parking spaces for visitors and extra vehicles, it would be fine. Since there is no limit for how many people live in a house and own cars to go to their jobs, then there is not reason to go into court about things the planners failed to think of. Very often, garages are not used for parking cars. Two cars in the garage and two in the drive way will solve the problem. In excess of four, there is always a problem. The issue of parking in residential areas must be reviewed because is a nuisance in most areas.

  7. If you don’t like the rules go back to your country otherwise obey the law. Just because you are from another country doesn’t mean you don’t need follow American law. I eould not like having neighbor like thst. “Sore eyes”

  8. Probably not. If there was something missing she wouldn’t have one the first round in court. Also if there was something more to it, someone would have reported on it by now.

  9. If she’s an American citizen born in this country your comment died on the vine. Do you know, FOR FACT, that she’s from another country?

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