Florida’s Brilliant Scents Celebrates National CleanUp Day Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air to Luxury Scent Industry

Brilliant Scents New Luxury Fragrance Line

Brilliant Scents

Brilliant Scents

Brilliant Scents LX 5000

Brilliant Scents LX 5000

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — This April, Brilliant Scents celebrates National CleanUp Day. With spring in full bloom, lockdowns lifted, and eager patrons at the ready, this is the perfect time to refresh a small business. As shoppers return to malls, stores, and in-person visits, this luxury fragrance giant has a better way to reimagine a showroom using uplevel fragrances.

Brilliant Scents, a leader in the scent branding industry, announces their latest model, the LX 5000 Luxury Scenting System. The state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is capturing the airwaves with its enticing scents, like Adore, Beloved, and Devotion. The top tier team at Brilliant Scents notes, “scent throughout history has been a way to communicate status and affluence.” Adding the right aromatic to a grand opening or event is truly a way to be a step above the crowd.

The powerful yet whisper quiet system covers 5,500 square feet, which is perfect for nursing homes, exhibition halls, and retail shops. According to Shopify, “research has shown that scent marketing can raise retail store sales by 11% and increase customer satisfaction scores by 20%.” The LX 5000 can deliver a suitable amount of fragrance for each setting. Harnessing the strategy of scent marketing at specific consumer touchpoints has shown to increase sales and garner customer loyalty.

Headquartered in the Sunshine State, luxury fragrance king, Brilliant Scents, offers a way to refresh businesses all day long without heavy chemical smells. The new Anthology collection offers six new beautifully blended fragrances ranging from sweet spicy balmy notes of Rose, Bergamot, Vanilla, Tangerine, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, and Yuzu.

Following the ways of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers who pulled on the power of scent to heal, Brilliant Scents believes certain fragrances improve health, stamina, and even elevate mood. Using scent in an office setting can also stimulate minds to get a team’s creative juices flowing.

Brilliant Scents offers a completely immersive experience that envelopes you in inviting nodes and subtle whiffs. The proper scent is an added layer to a luxury experience. From the lighting to the sound, the scent levels up the experience, since it is the first thing customers will notice when they step into a space.

For more information about Brilliant Scents, contact concierge@brilliantscents.com or toll-free at 1-800-640-4504


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