Former Harvard President Claudine Gay

Following Ouster Of Harvard President, Report Shows Cuts In 2023 DEI Job Postings

Former Harvard President Claudine Gay
Harvard President Claudine Gay (File)

With the ouster of scandal-plagued Harvard University President Claudine Gay, liberals have gone into full meltdown mode over “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs.

In the two months since Gay landed on the hot seat for congressional testimony in which she did not explicitly declare that genocidal rhetoric directed at Jews at Harvard violates the school’s student code, leftists have been forced to defend plagiarism, lowering of employment and academic standards, and discriminating against people based on their race.

In interviews on Friday, as he led protests against Bill Ackman, the deep-pocketed Harvard donor who led the charge against Gay for her tolerance of anti-Semitic behavior, one of the great race-baiters of recent memory, the Rev. Al Sharpton, said, “They are going to keep fighting till they end DEI, which is diversity, equity, and inclusion. That’s declaring a war on all of us — blacks, women, gays. DEI was designed to bring fairness and equality to people that had been historically marginalized and eliminated.”  

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“We’re going to fight in the streets, in the courts, to preserve the rights of people in this country, to demand Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

Yet despite Sharpton’s charged rhetoric and the general outcry from the left, some parts of corporate America have recognized that supporting DEI is a losing cause.

According to a CNBC report, Big Tech slashed DEI-related job postings by 44% last year, which could signify a waning focus on ideologically-based hiring.

Companies such as Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) greatly reduced the number of DEI-driven advertised positions and cut spending for existing DEI positions.

“When George Floyd began to become the topic of conversations, companies, and executives doubled down on their commitments, and here we are only a couple years later, and folks are looking for opportunities to cut those teams,” said Devika Brij, CEO of Brij the Gap Consulting, which works with tech companies’ DEI efforts.

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Brij told the outlet that some clients had cut their DEI budgets by as much as 90% by midyear.

Yet another reason may exist — one that is not so positive for the right.

The Media Research Center (MRC) suggests that companies are paring back on DEI programs and spending because they’ve already filled these jobs and “the associated ideological tenets of DEI have already been put into effect.”

Still, the outlet noted that it’s not just Big Tech cutting these job listings.

Law firms “are beginning to eliminate DEI-related fellowships and relax, or remove, policies geared toward favoring acceptance of particular minority applicants,” the MRC reported.

“If the [CNBC] report is, indeed, a sign that DEI is on its way out in the tech industry, it would represent yet another area in American public life which is beginning to throw off the shackles of the diversity ideology,” the MRC added.

For his part, Christopher Rufo, one of the journalists who helped expose Gay’s intellectual pilfering and whose efforts to fight DEI led Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to appoint him to the board of New College in Sarasota, suggests the war is just getting started.    

“This is the beginning of the end for DEI in America’s institutions,” he said on X after Gay’s resignation.

“We will expose you. We will outmaneuver you. And we will not stop fighting until we have restored colorblind equality in our great nation.”

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