Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Former New Jersey Gov. Christie Says Trump Will “Burn America To The Ground To Help Himself”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Defending his decision to remain in the race, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie boldly takes on former President Donald Trump, positioning himself as the lone Republican candidate willing to challenge the former commander-in-chief.

Christie directly addresses the camera in a new ad, condemning Trump’s actions and character.

He asserts, “He’ll burn America to the ground to help himself,” a statement that he claims resonates with other Republican leaders who express similar sentiments privately.

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However, Christie proudly declares that he is the only one courageous enough to voice these concerns publicly. By taking a stand against Trump, Christie aims to differentiate himself from his fellow GOP contenders and appeal to voters, who he says, are seeking a candidate who prioritizes truth and integrity.

“Some people say I should drop out of this race. Really? I’m the only one saying Donald Trump is a liar. He pits Americans against each other. His Christmas message to anyone who disagrees with him? Rot in hell,” said Christie, referencing Trump’s Christmas message on Truth Social.

In his ad, Christie poses a question to the voters of New Hampshire: “What kind of president do we want? A liar, or someone who’s got the guts to tell the truth?”

“He’ll burn America to the ground to help himself,” Christie said of Trump. “Every Republican leader says that in private. I’m the only one saying it in public.”

While Trump’s influence looms large over the Republican Party, Christie faces another formidable opponent in the form of Nikki Haley. Recent polls show Haley surging in popularity in New Hampshire, placing Christie in a distant third position, trailing her by almost twenty points.

This development highlights the challenges Christie must overcome to secure the nomination and win the support of Republican voters. However, Christie remains undeterred, confident in his ability to connect with the New Hampshire electorate and present himself as the viable alternative to both Trump and Haley.

Christie’s strategic focus on New Hampshire is based on his recognition of the state’s unique role as the first-in-the-nation primary.

By dedicating substantial time and resources to campaigning exclusively in the Granite State, Christie aims to cultivate goodwill among New Hampshire independents who may be dissatisfied with Trump’s leadership. His efforts to appeal to this pivotal voting bloc may prove crucial in his bid for the presidency.

In a recent Iowa poll, NBC News reported, former President Donald Trump earned the highest support among likely caucusgoers.

Trump is currently the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination with over 60% support among primary voters nationwide, according to a RealClearPolitics average of all major polls.

“With all the other candidates, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what they say, it doesn’t matter what they do. Because automatically, my vote is going to Trump no matter what,” Timothy Blackerby, a 67-year-old resident of Iowa and respondent of the poll, told NBC News. “They can promise me a million dollars. I tell them to keep it. And I would still vote for Trump,” Blackerby said.

Trump’s lead is the largest the poll has recorded this close to a competitive caucus, NBC reported.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida earned 19% support as respondents’ first preference and 30% support as their second preference, the highest among the latter category. Former Republican Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina has 16% support, with all other candidates polling in single digits.

Support for Trump as respondents’ first preference increased since October, the last iteration of the poll, when it was 43%, according to NBC News.

The poll also surveyed the persuadability of Iowa caucusgoers, who will hold their caucuses on Jan. 15. Among them, 49% said they had made up their minds regarding their choice of candidate, a figure that rose to 70% for voters who supported Trump. That figure was lopsided for DeSantis and Haley’s supporters, with 70% and 65%, respectively, indicating they could be persuaded to caucus for somebody else.

Seventy-three percent of voters reported they thought that Trump could win a general election against President Joe Biden, the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, even amid his multiple indictments, an increase from the poll’s last iteration. Trump also earned the highest favorability rating among respondents at 72%, which was second only to Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa, who has endorsed DeSantis.

The poll was conducted between Dec. 2 and 7, 2023, and surveyed 502 likely Republican caucusgoers in Iowa, with an error margin of ±4.4 percentage points.

As the 2024 presidential contest heats up, calls for Christie to exit the race have intensified. Some political observers argue that Republicans who do not support Trump should rally around a single challenger to maximize their chances of success.

However, Christie remains steadfast in his commitment to the race, confident in his ability to connect with voters and present a compelling alternative to both Trump and Haley. His campaign’s messaging and ad strategy demonstrate his determination to remain in the race and offer a distinct voice within the Republican Party.

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