Hunter Biden (File)

Former Trump Attorney Tells CNN Why Biden Likely Won’t Commute Hunter’s Sentence

Hunter Biden (File)
Hunter Biden (File)

Former Trump attorney Tim Parlatore said on Tuesday that President Joe Biden likely will not commute Hunter’s sentence because it would strip his son’s right to appeal the guilty verdict.

A jury convicted Hunter Biden on Tuesday on all three charges in his federal gun trial in the case brought by special counsel David Weiss in September, including providing false statements and knowingly possessing a gun while being a drug addict. Parlatore said on “CNN Newsroom” that Hunter will likely not face a jail term and that his father likely will not commute the sentence to allow his son to appeal the verdict.

“The sentencing guidelines range is going to recommend 0-6 months in jail,” Parlatore said. “So chances are Hunter’s going to get probation.”

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“I think that the president is going to be very hard pressed to commute that sentence if he gets probation because if he commutes it, then he also takes away his right to appeal,” he continued. “And so I think that it’s a very interesting thing where he is going to appeal. It’s gonna be very fascinating to watch the appeal because it brings unlikely partners together because you’re not only going to have Hunter Biden. You’re going to have the NRA filing amicus briefs, and quite frankly, because it’s an issue of drug use and Second Amendment rights, you’re going to have amicus briefs from the cannabis industry and a lot of other very unlikely bedfellows are gonna get together on this. I think it’s something that he is almost certainly not going to be seeing the inside of a jail cell, but it is going to have some very interesting ramifications going forward.”

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said earlier on Tuesday that polling indicates Americans view Hunter Biden’s treatment in the legal system as justified or insufficiently tough, noting “66% of Americans say that the legal system’s treatment of Hunter Biden has been fair.”

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“In fact, according to the polling, if anything, they think it’s been not harsh enough on him,” Enten continued. “Just 27% of Americans think that the legal system has been unfair. So the fact is, most Americans have no problem with Hunter Biden being on trial. His favorability ratings are quite low, and … when you look at the polling, why the White House I think is genuinely worried [is] because he’s definitely, in their minds, potentially a liability for him.”

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